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  • STRIKING MULTIFLEX VER RELEASE - 12 March 2019 - WP 5.1+ compatible.

    We are pleased to release our 38TH update of Striking MultiFlex.  This version of Striking MultiFlex is compatible with WordPress 5.1.1 and in addition is full compatibility with all supported PHP Versions including PHP 7.3 series, PHP 7.2 series, PHP 7.1 series, PHP 7.0. series and and php 5.6 series. Be aware that few plugins are certified compatible with php 7.3 so investigate your plugins prior to making that jump.

    You should now see an update notice in your website dashboard advising of the availability of the update. If you do not see it please go to your Striking Advanced Panel/ Update your Striking Theme admin tab and click on the Check for Updates button.


    It is also approved by ThemeForest. Log into your Envato account where you can download the full theme build via your Downloads. Please note the approval process is only a formality - they wish to ensure that a new full build is installable and confirm no viruses. Other then that they have no involvement in updates nor do they "approve" or "monitor" our code changes - they don't care about those actually.

    The Striking MultiFlex ThemeForest demo site found at has MultiFlex Ver and WP 5.1 installed:

    Striking MultiFlex ThemeForest Demo Site

    WooCommerce Demo
    Striking MultiFlex has some very nice and convenient Woo customization options and as a proof of compatibility we maintain a woo store at the Striking MultiFlex Demo site found at this link:

    Woo Demo 3.5.6 Store Demonstration.

    The woo demo content is installed.   We suggest you view the this webpage which contains an image of our revised Woo Settings group and it discusses some of the settings available to assist you in customizing your Woo store.

    If you are just building out a woo store for the first time we are pleased to advise we now include a set of installable woo demo content in this build, found in the Advanced Panel -> Admin Options -> Demo Content to Install setting.

    You can now update to the latest Striking MultiFlex from any past version installed on your website. We have removed the limitation on how far back one could go in versions before having to update by ftp.  It is with some trepidation that we remove this limitation - the swap file if one is going back to a release in the 2014-2016 timeframe is very large and on many budget quality hosts (standard Bluehost, Godaddy, MediaTemple, Hostmonster, Hostgator, 1&1, WP Engine packages, etc) you most likely will hit a runtime or memory headroom limit before the swap routine can fully run, and thus the update would fail.

    So if you are a past build and installing the update fails the culprit is 99.99999% your hosting, not the theme!

    1. This release is WP 5.1, Woocommerce 3.5.6+ and PHP 7.033+, PHP 7.1.27+, PHP 7.2.+ and PHP 7.3+ compatible.
    2. There is a no change to the Child Themes.
    3. All questions about updating, and any queries about possible bugs in these releases should be posted below, not in the general forum!  This way we all only has to review this thread in order to find pertinent information related to this release.  The release and the updating function have been tested (images attached)
    4. We recommend if you are updating from old Striking MultiFlex versions released in 2014-2017 that you review the prior release threads. There are some steps one has to take. Or hire us to do the updates for you! We guarantee the outcome.
    5. Plugins such as ubermenu require a code insert into the header.php for functionality.  There are NO CHANGES TO the header.php ain this theme update, so no action required on your part for this release via-a-vis the header.

    Please see the Changelog section below for details of changes.  This is a maintenance focused release.

    You can also review the actual list of changed files and the details of each file change in our theme api - did you know that no other premium wp theme developer has such a visual system enabling you to view and compare the changes from one build to the next such as we have?  Click on the Files and Details tabs to view what has changed at this link:

    Striking MultiFlex Ver Release Page & List of Added/Changed/Deleted files and Change Highlights

    Some users will encounter errors due to hosting factors when attempting to update.  If you are with a budget host such as Godaddy, 1&1, MediaTemple, Bluehost, WP Engine and many others, there is a possibility you may encounter an issue when attempting to update.  These are not theme related and outside our control as theme developers!

    One of the sections below details examples of the hosting errors, and how to resolve. Step 1: Click on the following link and Do Not Panic......... :))

    I am ready to panic as the internal update failed - what do I do?

    Striking MultiFlex is historically compatible with thousands of plugins, and we guarantee that we will fix compatibility issues for a select group of the most popular plugins such as WP SEO, WPML, PolyLang, Woo, Easy Digital Downloads, bbpress, buddypress, WP Symposium, Essential Grid, Post Types Order and several more.  But be advised support for other plugins will often fall into paid support.  And if the plugin is not listed as WP 4.9.8 compatible, we will not even consider examining the matter.

    Please note we removed our formal support for WP Ecommerce effective our version  The plugin developers seem to have gone in a diff direction with how they are coding their plugin, and we do not feel we can maintain compatibility without more work then we are prepared to undertake, given that to the best of our knowledge our entire customer base uses either Woo or Easy Digital Downloads, Easy Paypal or other such plugins for ecommerce.

    A note for the obstinate out there: should you find what you believe is a potential bug, or a compatibility with a common plugin, it is not the end of the world!  Post your potential finding below along with links, and screenshots if possible, we will verify, and usually post a fix or provide a replacement file for you to download and install.

    This release, like all in the past, benefits from the comments and suggestions of our user base and we thank you all in advance.

    This thread may see further updates so please check back occasionally.

    Best Regards
    Theme Support Team
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    We have removed the demo content from being part of the theme build as it added several megabytes to the size of the theme. Now if installing the demo content package is pulled from our api servers and auto installed from them - i.e. it is installed remotely.

    We also added some support for Responsive Menu Pro so that if you are using it in Striking it is easier to deploy. Otherwise the theme update is mainly maintenance oriented.

    1. Added: Search/Blog loop strip html code from title element in a-tag added by search highlight plugin.
    2. Updated: Revslider new version
    3. Adjusted: Global CSS in theme css files.
    4. Adjusted: responsive menu Pro theme JS
    5. Fixed: Js error- Insert Shortcode in Tiny MCE Text editor using text mode in Theme Panel settings was not working.
    6. Fixed: Checking category exists in portfolio shortcode to prevent "non-object error" message when category was deleted by user.
    7. Fixed: Carousel & Product Carousel caption not showing when icon element in shortcode was not set.

    There is no change to the simple child theme we supply for free with the theme. If you are an owner of our Advanced Child theme there is a minor update but you can update your main theme build without implementing the child update.

    b) Advanced Child Theme: the advanced child is a $25 premium product built by the Striking Team which allows a user to modify a theme file irrespective of its depth in theme code.  If you wish to buy a copy of the Advanced Child please message one of the team members.  Existing advanced child users should contact James (Websys) of the development team by sending a personal forum message to obtain an updated copy.


    For when we make those "rare" coding mistakes, we will list them here along with our action.

    None of you found any bugs in our last release, but eventually we did find a couple of very minor ones, and we fixed 'em! :D :D

    So far none in this build but early days!


    Steps to installing by ftp:

    1. Download the latest Striking MultiFlex Theme Package from Themeforest to your hard drive.  It is a master zip containing a variety of items, including folders, files and other zips.  Unpack the master zip.
    2. One of the other items you will now see is another zip - striking_r.  Unpack this zip as well.  You will now have a normal folder of the same name sitting on your desktop.
    3. Using your ftp program, open up your site, and on the host side of the ftp window navigate to your website wordpress installation usually found in the "public_html" directory, and from there to the themes directory (wp-content/themes).  You will see you already have a striking_r folder sitting in the theme directory which is your old version of Striking MultiFlex
    4. Simply drag over the striking_r folder from the drive side to the themes folder side dropping it in a white space area.  This is important - make certain you drop the folder in a blank area, not overtop the existing folder!  Depending on your ftp program it may pop up a dialog asking if you wish to overwrite or merge your transfer with the existing striking_r folder to which you click “Yes” and it will proceed with the transfer.
    5. Depending on your connection the transfer may take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes. &nbsp:You do not need do anything at all during the transfer.
    6. After the transfer is complete, log into your website and navigate to the Striking Advanced Panel ->Admin tab and clear the theme cache using the Clear Cache setting.
    7. ALL DONE!
  • Our thoughts on Gutenberg from our December release if you care to read them.

    With our theme you do not need to install the Classic Editor plugin! The comment in our last release explains why. The plugin is just some lines of code reactivating the classic editor which is still in the wp core, just suppressed by WordPress for stupid reasons. In our theme we do the work for you. A setting in the Advanced Panel turns off and on Gutenberg.
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