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Front-end access to Striking's options
  • Hi,

    Is it possible to restrict user's access to Page General Options and Blog Single Options?

    Thank you for your time.
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  • Hi

    Yes by the same plugin I already suggested if you mean the options in the striking settings.

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    if you are refering to the page general setup tab in each page or post and the blog single options in a post.... then there is no solution for that other then turning that off in the screen options and find a plugin which disables the screen options in a single blog post for non-admin users

    see last reply in this

    Best regards,
    Striking Team
  • Are you having others access your site? If so, set up a separate account for them under DASHBOARD/USERS.

    Then make choose the role for them. I usually give clients "AUTHOR" privileges. That means they can post and edit to the blog.
  • Thank you, Paul and elames.
    Please see the current structure of my installation:

    User's level - s2Members_level_1

    User's Capabilities -
    post- edit,publish,delete;
    portfolio- edit,publish,delete;

    User's Restrictions-

    About WordPress (about) (wporg)
    Documentation (documentation)
    Support Forums (support-forums)
    Feedback (feedback)
    Favorite Actions (#favorite-actions)
    Screen-Meta (#screen-meta)
    Screen Options (#screen-options, #screen-options-link-wrap)
    Contextual Help (#contextual-help-link-wrap)
    Admin Color Scheme (#your-profile .form-tablefieldset)
    HTML Editor Button
    Right Now (dashboard_right_now)
    Incoming Links (dashboard_incoming_links)
    Plugins (dashboard_plugins)
    Excerpt (#postexcerpt, #postexcerptdiv, th.column-postexcerpt,
    Plugins (dashboard_plugins)
    Recent Drafts (dashboard_recent_drafts)
    WordPress Blog (dashboard_primary)
    Other WordPress News
    Categories (edit-tags.php?taxonomy=category)
    Tags (edit-tags.php?taxonomy=post_tag)
    Tools (tools.php)
    Pages-(only read)
    Custom-fields (#postcustom, #postcustomdiv, th.column-td.postcustom)
    Revisions (#revisions, #revisionsdiv, th.column-revisions, td.revisions)
    Post-formats (#format, #formatdiv, th.column-format, td.format)

    What else I have to restrict in order to hide Striking's options, which are not accessible anyway?

    Thanks again!

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  • I did it.
    I use a great plugin, called Adminimize. With this plugin I can manage functions per user's role with the way I wish.Before I restricted all Striking functions for some users and it didn't work ata all.
    Apparently I should find the exact name of the element I want to hide and to put it into my setting of the plugin. That was a bit scary for me, because I'm not confident with code and coding, but I did it and I'm very grateful.
    Have a great week all!
    Best regards,
  • Hi

    Great feedback !! it is really appreciated.

    Best regards,
    Striking Team
  • I have one question about it: I use adminimize to just show Striking-General option. You know that this option has 5 tabs: "General header settings", "navigation menu options"...

    Could I hide some tabs of this option? Because Adminimize let me hide "general" fully, but not the tabs of "general".

    Thank you in advance.
  • Hi,

    You cant do so as there are no sub roles per tab.

    Best regards, Paul, Striking Team
  • Hi oxcar,
    Adminimize it's a great plugin.There are general options which are the main picture of all site elements, but you can specify other commands too.
    What you have to do is to locate the element you need to hide and have the name of it.I've used FireBug for that.
    When you have the name of it in the fields of "Your own Portfolio items options
    ID or class" you add the name of the element you need ti hide.If is a div you will use #.If it's a class you use .
    In my case:
    Page General Options - #page_general
    Striking Responsive Portfolio Post Setup&Options - #portfolio
    Safe the page, get out of Adminimize and come back to restrict user's access by roles.
    Here is a screenshot of my settings.

    Please, if my explanation is not very clear, ask again. It will be a pleasure to help you :)

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  • Hi Prolet

    thank you very much. I'm testing your idea, because I am having problems with the message "You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page".

    I will tell you the advances.

    Thank you a lot again.
  • Hi oxcar and happy new year :)
    You have this message, because there is a problem with your role capabilities.
    Do you have an access to your admin dashboard?
    If you do, go to your membership plugin and correct the admin capabilities.
    If you don't have an access, delete the membership plugin via FTP. When you log into your dashboard after the deleting you will be in a better position :)
    Good luck!