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  • November 15, 2013 - Striking Responsive Official Version 1.0 - Package Updated!

    November 17 - the official build package has been updated. Please go to the download site per the link below to obtain the updated build - which has the brand new Rev slider build in it, plus other little changes. As well, the video page now is seeing some posts by James of sections of the revised help docs. The package at Themeforest is on hold as they have requested new documentation in written form. James has about 60 pgs done so far and will have it all posted by late today. The less we all bother him with questions, the quicker he gets it all done, and the quicker Themeforest gets back to the business of approving the theme.... ;)

    Please go to this thread: Post your Striking Responsive Site and Plugins Used and add your site to the list please!

    It is super important we get as much info as possible on Striking responsive sites for our new showcase, and plugins used for our compatible plugins list (an official supported plugin list will be maintained when we switch to the new support site).

    Please go to Striking Support to obtain this beta download, review the licensing terms, and read about what has transpired since the last beta.

    THIS IS the official build which has just been submitted to Themeforest.

    Here is what you need to know now:

    1: The submission to themeforest includes the old demo content. New demo content should be available within 24-48 hrs. We have started its build but it is not finished.
    2: Videos (two are now up but more are about to hit....)
    3: Don't have a melt down if you find any errors! Its a complex product, but we believe, and user reports substantiate that the theme is darn near 100% error free. If you find something, take a deep breath, congratulate yourself on your wisdom, and then post it below.
    4: I will have the conversion video up shortly. Only two shortcodes do not convert - google charts and Lightbox shortcode inline option. As well, of course the slider mix has changed. The update mechanism auto switches the sliders to new types, but should it fail somewhere, just edit the page and set a new one. 3 second fix tops even for my tweenie daughter who did one of the test swaps for me......

    WE ARE PARTICULARLY INTERESTED IN FEEDBACK ON THE FOLLOWING PLATFORMS and have established a separate thread for mobile bug reporting and discussion, and ask that all comments specific to mobile matters be posted in that thread:

    • Ipad 2-5 - functionality appears to be 100%
    • Iphone 2-5 - functionality appears to be 100%
    • Android tablet - functionality appears to be 100%
    • Android phone series 4.0.1 - 4.1+ - functionality appears to be 100%
    • Android phone series 2.1+ - functionality appears to be 100%
    • Blackberry mobile platforms - still working on this and need feedback

    We are not seeking perfection for every platform prior to official launch. Be advised of that now! There are complex features in Striking that are desktop oriented. And mobile is a moving target day by day. As far as we can tell from our testing we have excellent functionality in the major mobile platforms. Report anything you find and we will deal with it.


    Below we have posted instructions on how to update.

    PLUGINS: Striking Responsive is already compatible with an incredible range of plugins. Even after official release we will still be testing! I have notes on some recent posts about plugin compatibilities. We will continue the testing process and making adjustments where we can.

    I will have new subsites up with 10 diff ecommerce platforms, 5 form plugins, several forum plugins, and more, over the course of the next 1-2 weeks. It takes time to build each one, but we have excellent compatibility with all. If we find an issue, we will fix. If it just does not work, we will publish a list of what does not work.

    Remember, just because a plugin is compatible with the default wp themes does not mean it is going to work with a premium theme like Striking. Sometimes we can do something about it, and sometimes we cannot.

    This thread about sites using Striking Responsive:

    Post your Striking Responsive Site and Plugins Used

    has a good sampling of plugins in use.

    We are amazed by how many plugins are being used in some sites, we counted over 20 in a few instances. Striking is tremendously robust where plugin usage is concerned versus many premium themes.

    ->>Version 1.0 is what is powering

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
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  • CONGRATULATIONS on completing this huge and thorough work. I know that it was very hard, but you overcame it. There is only one wish for you: get some sleep at least a few hours.
    Very, very Kind Regards to all Striking Team from Moscow, Russia. :-h
  • A Conversion Video has been posted - see the link below.

    Quick Guide to Upgrading From Striking Regular

    The content below is revised as of Nov 3.


    Here are the major steps. THERE IS A VIDEO:

    Striking Conversion Video

    1) If one can, do a complete site backup or confirm with one's host that they have one, so if things go really fubar, one has an easy fallback.

    Also for easy quick access save all of the following:

    1. Go to the Striking General Panel -> Custom CSS and JS tab. Copy all your custom css and JS into a text document on your desktop and then remove any custom css from your custom css fields that is positional related, or is for colorbox or a slider that does not exist in the responsive theme. If you are in doubt, then remove it all from the custom css field after saving your copy of it.
    2. Go to the Striking General Panel -> Google Analytic tab and copy your custom google analytic code into a text document for backup.
    3. Go to the Striking General Panel -> General Settings tab, and if you have the Top Widget Area set to html, copy that content into a text doc for backup. Also do the same if you have the Sub Footer Widget Area set to html, again copy and save that content into your text document.
    4. Go to the Striking Advanced Panel -> Archive Settings and copy any custom archive titles and archive text into your text document.
    5. Go to the Blog Panel -> Search Result Tab, and save the custom content (if any) you might have in the "Nothing Found Text" field.
    6. Finally! Go to the Striking Advanced Panel ->Import & Export Tab, and take all the content sitting in the Export Field, and copy and paste it into a text document so it is saved. This funny looking code in this field is all your theme admin panel options converted to base 64 code including all the above customizations which we had you create backups. So now you are exporting it in its entirety.

    All your theme settings should carry over during the update, but all the backups above are for the "just in case" scenario where they do not. If you encounter any issues where the settings are not taking effect after updating please let us know immediately.

    2) Its no longer necessary to change over your sliders, the update script should do it automatically.

    3) All widgets and sidebars now transition so no special precautions should be necessary.

    4) Likely no user is still using timthumb, but if it is on, turn timthumb off, and turn on clear cache, and save the Advanced panel. You will not be using timthumb again and it is removed from Striking Responsive completely.

    5) SUPER IMPORTANT - If using the child theme, deactivate it by activating

    Now you should be ready to install strikingr by using the install theme wp panel. So install it and activate it. Striking R is a big theme since it has a lot more help content, and so if you are on cheap shared hosting you might run into a situation where it fails to load due to its size. In this situation you have to upload the unpacked theme by ftp instead.

    6) After installation and activation, immediately go and clear the cache, and then go to the Striking color panel, and save it (Generates a new skin file for the site). Remember that if you have a caching plugin running, you will need to flush all of its caches as well.

    7) Now go to the Striking General Panel, and turn on one's wp custom menu (assuming one was using this feature prior to the switch) - this setting does not carry over from theme to theme so it has to be turned on again.

    8) Go to Appearance/menus, and set your custom menu for your header and footer again. The custom menus are there, just not set to show. So they have to enabled again.

    IF FOR ONE REASON OR ANOTHER AFTER UPDATING YOU ENCOUNTER AN ISSUE, JUST GO RE ENABLE STRIKING REGULAR AGAIN. BUT DO NOT TRY TO UPGRADE A 2ND TIME WITHOUT CONTACTING US FIRST AS WE MAY HAVE TO EXAMINE YOUR DATABASE FOR ERRORS. The good news is that this is unlikely to happen (we hope!). If for some reason you do have to go backwards, have a separate tab with your dashboard open prior to re-instituting Striking 5222, as you will need to go to pages with sliders and reset the sliders and save them again or those pages will error out.

    Now import the custom css again if you removed it in step 1. Here it may be necessary to make some adjustments as responsive css can be different. For example, if you were specifying centering your logo, now you have to change this so that it centers only for a particular viewport.

    We normally suggest leaving any css adjustments until everything else is done.

    11) The only remaining step at this point should be to set new sliders for any pages which you have a slider in place.

    It may seem like a lot of work the above steps, but most are very simple steps, and all of the above is much easier then building a new site from scratch. My last runthrough of the above took me about 4 minutes.

    If you have any issues, post back. We are very interested in this of course. And as I noted, we will have a video for this on official release.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team

  • Congratulations on a job well done. This is absolutely the most complete rewrite in the history of ThemeForest. Lots of gems to be discovered in the new release - amazing

    Burt Gordon
  • You all deserve a BIG PAT on the back! It's been a long haul for you but you kept plugging along. Once folks see what this can out:-)

    All the best!!!
  • Updated one site this morning...
    One issue I have just found. I am trying to edit the revolution slider style sheet to change a font style setting.
    I click on the button and nothing happens. Can't open the EDIT CSS. Any ideas?

    I just updated a second site and no issues whatsoever with Rev Slider so this has me confused.
    thanks as usual:-)
  • Standing ovation for such a fabulous team! A theme so powerful and mind-blowing just punches every other theme in face.
  • I don't know if it's me, but FontAwesome in the navigation area doesn't works now?

    Also I'm not able to change 'Normal Custom Favicon' too. After selecting the image the area remains blank as if I haven't selected any image.


    UPDATE: 'Normal Custom Favicon' did replaced but the area still remains blank as if none is in operation/selected.
  • Congratulations on a great launch! This goes far beyond a mere update, it’s a huge upgrade FOR FREE! for all of us, you guys really know how to get fiercely loyal customers. I wish you the best in selling many more licenses.

    Thank you!
  • Hi Hardik!

    Crap!! This completely slipped us by. You are correct, we have an error. We will fix. Themeforest has asked us to add something to the theme in respect of wpml so we will fix this at the same time. We found a setting in the KB slider that we have to adjust as well, so we will cure all and it will be part of the Official Release at TF.

    Hi Eleanor!

    We have been actively editing our forthcoming demo all day and had no issues, although we have noticed that the latest update of the Rev slider has an issue or two, which we will advise them about. if you continue to have problems on this one site, then please send me the logins.

    Hi All!

    Thank you. We owe all our clients such as yourselves a big thanks for your commentary and support, it helped improve Striking immensely.

    It is a huge relief to have a complete build, and now, once we satisfy Themeforest on some little matters (mostly documentation and wpml related) we can move onto some other exciting stuff for our client base.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
  • Also best wishes from Berlin to the official release! - Thanks a million and thousands and more buyers!

    I can confirm the error with "FontAwesome" in the navigation.

    All the best for the Striking-Team! ;)

  • Hi All!

    (edited by James)
    Unbelievable. We implemented the latest version of font awesome in the full release (it was a last minute thing, and the developer changed entirely the selectors for all of his font awesome, and did not tell anyone (at least that we could see).

    Please find attached a zip. Download and unpack it, and then ftp it to:


    just overwrite the existing css folder in that path. At a later date, we will re-examine the update of font awesome and reintegrate it with Striking R. But that does not need to be now. This zip will fix the matter.

    Best regards,
    Striking Team,
  • Looks great guys! One thing I noticed is the Menu Icons are missing.
  • Hi Nick

    Please see the post immediately above yours. It both explains what occurred and has a download which you can install.

    ;) Check your site again, the theme fairy just paid you a visit.....

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
  • HAHA! You're the man James!!!
  • This site:
    When I look at it on my tablet ( Samsung Galaxy) there is no text animation showing on the revolution slider...just the images.
    It shows in the normal computer view. Is this one of their "glitches?"
    It is fine on my iphone.
  • Congratulations :), Is been a long wait, but somehow I have the feeling that even better days are still to come. Striking and Striking Responsive are by the most superior themes I have had the pleasure of working with.
  • Hi everyone, we have an update from the rev slider people. they fixed at least one issue ->the video autoplay, but still did not address some other matters. We will be modding it, incorporating into Striking R, and then updating the Ver 1.0 build. We also have to resubmit it to TF. This will add a day at least to the approval process.

    Just a heads up on this. I will advise when we have updated the download site build. It will be later tonight, much later tonight actually, as Kappy needs to see the changes and at the moment he is sleeping like a baby as it is past midnight in his timezone.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
  • Hi folks,

    Brilliant job you have done. Just a heads up on a CSS class in need of correction:

    .jqueryslidemenu [class^="icon-"], .button [class^="icon-"], .tabs [class^="icon-"], .mini_tabs [class^="icon-"], .tab [class^="icon-"] {
    margin-right: 0.3em;

    .jqueryslidemenu [class^="icon-"] shouldn't be included. It causes the font awesome navigation icons to go off-center. Haven't tested the others.

    Congrats to the team for such a brilliant theme.

  • Hi Cris,

    ???? are you talking about the font awesome in v 1.0 of striking. if you goto you will see they are not off centered.

    pls advice.

    Best regards,
    Striking Team,
  • Hi Paul,

    Yes, font awesome. Don't waste your time with that. I've customized the nav menu a lot and it does not fall under "standard" StrikingR usage anymore.

    First picture with margin-right: 0.3em, second without.

    624 x 139 - 10K
    624 x 139 - 10K
  • Striking team,

    Congratulations and an outstanding job getting v1 pushed out to the world. I've been particularly impressed with your due diligence in testing, testing, testing and flushing out the bugs before the official release.

    I've had the painful experience of having had to work with other "top selling" premium themes, and in their rush to publish on themeforest, all their bugs, design limitations and support forum chaos. These themes haven't come close to achieving stability until they reach versions 2 or 3.

    The flexibility and your personalized attention to matters big and small is what has and will continue to separate Striking from the other so called super premium themes.

    Thanks again for all your efforts!


    One small question before I upgrade to v1. I extensively used font awesome icons in unordered lists. If I upgrade, will my lists become broken? I see you released a zip file, if apply the file, will this fix any issues or will I still be faced with rebuilding my font awesome lists?
  • Hi Brian,

    what version of the FA icons css are you using?

    Best regards,
    Striking Team,
  • I'm using FA version 3.2. I know class, tag and icon naming conventions have changed.

    If possible, I'm hoping there is a somewhat painless way to upgrade to 4.0.

    But I'm afraid your answer will's gonna hurt so get ready to bite the bullet.
  • I noticed that after I created a video portfolio archives page and single post page for my portfolio items, that when I try to enabling comments on single portfolio page in the global settings it does not display the comment box at the bottom of the single portfolio page.

    This is all I can report at this time.

  • Hello guys, ive just updated from 5196 to 5222 all seems good so far, i downloaded the v1 of striking responsive, but i noticed that there is no child theme like there has been in previous versions.

    I am actually using a child theme, what will happen to my child theme mods i have ?

    Will striking responsive be made available ?

    Should i stick with untill the child theme for responsive is available ?

  • Hi Seth

    For portfolio comments, you have to go to the Portfolio Panel/Single Post -> Page Options. There is a setting "Enable Post Comments" which when turned ON will enable comments in Portfolio Items.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
  • A bug that I note is as follows (NB: Was in previous versions too):

    When an image has a caption it is not resizing down on mobile devices correctly, take the caption out and resize works fine. The consequence is that the image is actually cropped and only part of the caption is visible.
  • Hi Goat

    can you provide a url as we tested this in our testbed and we dont have any issues. also provide the code used if possible.

    To paste them correctly in to the forum thread please embed your (css/short/php/html) code into code tags.

    <code> </code>

    we tested on android 2.34-2.36, 4.0-4.4x (phones and tablets) and apple ios 6.xx devices (pads and phones).

    Best regards,
    Striking Team,
  • Hello

    I see that package is not updated at the download website. It still shows dd 15 November 2013 but notification for update dd 17 Nov 2013 has been put up. What's the confusion?
  • @ shreejee.

    The package is the correct one. You have to allow for a little lag time between when we finish the package, and when we get it posted, especially on a weekend!

    It was after 1am today (so barely the 17th) when I was able to post all this, you gotta give a guy a break!! :))

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
  • BackuPs said:

    Hi Goat

    can you provide a url as we tested this in our testbed and we dont have any issues. also provide the code used if possible.

    To paste them correctly in to the forum thread please embed your (css/short/php/html) code into code tags.

    <code> </code>

    we tested on android 2.34-2.36, 4.0-4.4x (phones and tablets) and apple ios 6.xx devices (pads and phones).

    Best regards,
    Striking Team,

    PM Sent :)
  • Hi Goat,

    Can you please try to generate new STRIKING image shortcode by the use of the striking shortcode generator?

    Let me know if that resolves the issue.

    Best regards,
    Striking Team,
  • hello Striking Team!
    The final version is great!
    love the fontawesome in the footer menu!
    The only thing we need is a space between symbol and text... ;)
  • @tds....sigh, everyone is so demanding!... :D

    I think we can arrange that.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
  • I have no idea what font awesome is or can do. Can someone post an example of it being used? Thanks!
  • Hi el,

    Goto the striking font settings general tab and enabled te option in the last setting of that tab. Now goto the wordress menu and in the top level menu items you can choose a icon.

    See in the menu. You see font awesome icons before the label.

    @ thorsten. We will add the css. I forgot to include that. Too many things to think of especially being sidetracked all the time makes us forget those small things.

    Sorry about that.

    Best regards, Paul, Striking Team
  • FYI: Striking Docs: Installing the Demo Content is hidden due to overlay of footer in responsive mode.


    Could you explain more pls? I also wonder (just my thought) who is gonna install demo content in responsive mode, and if i already understand the problem which i now dont, should we address this?

    Most of us will work on a pc with a normal screen and dont build websites by a mobile device. Maybe maintain or correct a small issue but building websites by a mobile device?

    Anyway let me know or explain more so i can see and understand the issue. Thank you.

    Best regards,
    Striking Team,
  • Hi Tds

    You can add this to your custom css for now

    .menu-icon-footer {
    margin-right: 0.3em;

    or this

    .menu-footermenu-container [class^="menu-icon-"]{
    margin-right: 0.3em;

    to change its size you can add this to the code.

    .menu-icon-footer {
    margin-right: 0.3em;
    font-size: 20px;

    or target them individually

    .menu-footermenu-container .menu-icon-footer.icon-home {
    font-size: 20px;

    all will work.

    Best regards,
    Striking Team,
  • Hello

    To be more specific, I'm talking about a page at where at the bottom the descriptions were hidden due to the footer. Even the 'Read more' button is missing.


    i just checked with my iphone and i dont have any issues, the readmore and page content is showing perfectly. So what phone, os version are you using and can anybody else confirm this?

    Best regards,
    Striking Team,

    768 x 1280 - 330K
  • Hello Paul, thanks for the quick help!
    @James: Have been quiet for a long time, why? because everything is working so nice!! :D
  • OK, that's Google Nexus 4 on Android 4.4 running Chrome for Android.

    I Will ask James to check this as i believe he has a android. I do not recall which version though
    Best regards,
    Striking Team,
  • Hi,

    Revolution Slider Error:fetch - Table 'wp_highdefinitionroofingltd_com.wp_revslider_css' doesn't exist
    Query: select * from wp_revslider_css where handle = '.tp-caption.medium_grey'

    This error shows up whenever the revolution slider is enabled.
  • Good work on responsive i successfully upgraded our website and it looks great.... the only thing i see that is not responsive is Youtube, will this be fixed soon ?
  • Hi Menkom

    Unfortunately, you did not provide a url or any other info type or coding used, and so we are very much restricted in how we can help. I have no idea what you mean by above as it has not enough details. Pls provide more info.

    Best regards,
    Striking Team,

  • Hi Ariestattoo,

    what does your wp-config.php say here?

    define('DB_HOST', 'localhost');
    define('DB_CHARSET', 'utf8');
    define('DB_COLLATE', '');

    make sure the db_charset has a valid value so the table can be created.

    Best regards,
    Striking Team,
  • FYI I decided to try WordPress 3.8 on my test server and at this point I had to change nothing for Striking-r to work as well as Woo with it and all is functioning very well.

    At Least there were no surprises with 3.8 :)>-
  • Hi Robert,

    Thank you. I can confirm this as i am running it a for more then 4 weeks now. But i will not advice anybody based on this to swapover when its released as wordpress usually changes scripts in their latest builds.

    Best regards, Paul, Striking Team
  • Loving the responsive theme - is it possible to integrate the Anything slider into this at all?

    Outside of that, the transition has been perfect.

    Thanks for a great theme!
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