1)  We have released Striking 5.3.1 today.  It will only available by the internal update function as this theme is deprecated and no longer available for sale. If you are still using the Striking Original theme the update notice should now be showing in your site although it may take some hours to propogate across the entire web.

2)   Please update to WP 3.9.2 asap as it deals with some security matters.  All Striking sites using MultiFlex 1.0.3+ or Striking 5.3/5.3.1 can be updated to WP 3.9.2. immediately.  We have tested the latest beta of WP 3.4 with our forthcoming Striking MultiFlex Ver 1.1 and they appear to be fine with each other.

3)   We are submitting Striking MultiFlex Ver 1.1 to Themeforest for approval on Monday August 25. The Themeforest approval process can take up to 5 days. We will advise on approval once received.

James on behalf of the Striking Team
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  • Hi Everyone:

    Aug 10 2013 -> Wow, look at all the plugins in use! Great to see we have such wide plugin compatibility out of the box. Thanks for the submissions so far!

    I need to know about your responsive sites for our new showcase. Please provide the following:

    1) URL
    2) Your name
    3) email
    4) DIY (do it yourself) or Web Professional
    5) Plugins you are running.
    6) Some commentary about Striking Responsive.

    I really need to know about responsive sites using any ecommerce or wpml (or both) since there tends to be less of those then "regular" sites.

    I will try to include as many submissions as possible in the actual showcase. Both professional and DIY.

    Striking Team
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  • Site Address is http://rddweb.com

    My Name Robert Dempsey

    Email robertd at rddweb.com

    DIY site

    Plugin List:
    Advanced Code Editor
    aMember Pro v4 Integration Plugin
    Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades
    Login Logo
    Never Let Me Go
    User Role Editor
    WordPress SEO
    WP Symposium
    WP Symposium Blog Post
    WP Symposium Toolbar
    Zendesk Support for WordPress
    Zendesk ticket (Custom Plugin for Ticket submission right on site)

    What do I think about Striking?
    I find Striking to be the best theme available on the market today! It enabled me to remove a ton of plugins that I no longer needed making my site 100% faster than it was, because they are already included in the theme itself.
    The Team here listens to what we have to say making improvements and fixing problems asap. If you read and listen to the team you will have no problems setting up your site at all.
    There are so many features in Striking that I am still finding them as I go along.There was a minor learning curve on it yes, but support is so good I was able to get answered what I could not figure out in a short period of time. :)>-
    I run striking in a fairly simple design, yet If I want to I can change colors in a matter of minutes, without having to know CSS and that goes for the layout as well. WSMS (Web Sites Made Simple) yet very complex
  • Hi Striking,

    Why not.... since I'm ecstatic how it turned out.

    1) URL: http://www.fabiot.net

    2) Your name: Fabio T (duh!)

    3) email: contact@

    4) DIY (do it yourself) or Web Professional: My webpage is definitely a DIY job. Logo was generated by my graphic artist, but everything else is done by myself with zero background knowledge. A lot of coffees and a whole lot of "ctrl-Z"-ing got me there in the end.

    5) Plugins you are running: Redirection, Regenerate thumbnails, Revision control, W3 Total Cache, Wordpress SEO (Yoast), WP Smush.it, plus minor css and functions tweaks.

    6) Some commentary about Striking Responsive: The standard striking theme was very good, and allowed me to venture into building my own website with confidence. The new striking responsive theme was the perfect next step. Designing, styling and customizing a website, and making it look absolutely professional, is extremely important to me. I love showing my mobile-compliant website to people that have spent thousands of dollars on poorly designed and implemented websites. The whole beta experience with the striking team was fantastic and the huge amount of input from other striking users ensured all bugs were found and squashed! I use my website as my contact portal, and since 70% of the people that hit my site do so from mobile platforms, a solid mobile site was essential.
  • Hi Striking team,

    I'm a satisfied customer!

    1) URL: www.kenya-today.com
    2) Name: Christian
    3) email website-inbox at outlook
    4) DIY
    5) Plugins you are running:

    Display widget
    optimize database after deleting revisions
    quick adsense
    simple 301 redirects
    sucuri security
    user submitted posts
    w3 total cache (with maxcdn)
    wordpress seo
    wordpress seo news
    wp db manager
    wp external links
    wp security scan
    smush it

    6) Some commentary about Striking Responsive: I've bought Striking more than ten times now for all kinds of websites. I use the responsive beta on kenya-today.com. I'm an seo and analytics expert, but web design is just not my thing. Striking theme is my solution to this and i like it because:

    - granularity to the max (I can barely spell css, so i really like the customization possibilities)
    - it's well coded (very important to me: Kenya Today receives over 200.000 unique visitors and it generates over 100 gb each month. I know there are a lot of themes out there with bloated code, which would really put a dent in my server and website speed)

    For me, the combination of high granularity and clean/fast code makes Striking really stand out.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Hi Everyone:

    I need to know about your responsive sites for our new showcase. Please provide the following:

    1) http://onlinegilde.net
    2) Benny
    3) benny @ onlinegilde.net
    4) Did it myself
    5) Ok let's see: Antispam Bee, BackWPup Pro, Cachify, CM Answers, Google XML Sitemaps, It Is phpinfo, Limit Login Attempts, Live Stream Badger, NextGEN Gallery, Optimus, P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler), Suchen & Ersetzen, Social, Statify, TablePress, wpSEO, Wysija Newsletter

    6)I have been using Striking (the orihǵinal one) quite a while now. It is one of the best theme available for wordpress. With one feature missing: responsive. So I was very happy to hear that Striking Responsive is under developement. I switched to Striking Responsive and it was great. Switching was an easy and fast process and nearly all things worked fine after switching to Striking Responsive. One of my favourite features of Striking is its great, easy and flexible wayto customize it.

    So it do not matter which kind of website you try to establish Strking is everytime the right theme :)


  • Here are my Striking R sites. LOVE THIS THEME!

    1) http://romanticinnsofluray.com
    2) elames
    3) email-private
    4) semi Web professional/self taught/freelance
    5) Fast Secure Contact Form, WordPress SEO,Google XML Sitemaps
    6) There are so many feautures with this theme, it can be overwhelming to someone with no wordpress experience, but if you just take the time to follow tutorials and read everything before you get started, you can come up with one nice professional website.

    1) http://river-cabins.com
    2) elames
    3) email-private
    4) semi Web professional/self taught/freelance
    5) Brute Protect,NextGen Gallery, Safe Redirect, Simple Google Map,Fast Secure Contact Form, WordPress SEO,Google XML Sitemaps
    6) There are so many feautures with this theme, it can be overwhelming to someone with no wordpress experience, but if you just take the time to follow tutorials and read everything before you get started, you can come up with one nice professional website.

    2) elames
    3) email-private
    4) semi Web professional/self taught/freelance
    5)Portfolio Slideshow Pro,Fast Secure Contact Form,Safe Redirect,WordPress SEO
    6) There are so many feautures with this theme, it can be overwhelming to someone with no wordpress experience, but if you just take the time to follow tutorials and read everything before you get started, you can come up with one nice professional website. And, many of my clients can easily update their site without help from me

    2) elames
    3) email-private
    4) semi Web professional/self taught/freelance
    5)Brute Proctect, Fast Secure ContactForm, Simple Google Sitemap XML,NextGen Gallery,WordPress SEO
    6) There are so many feautures with this theme, it can be overwhelming to someone with no wordpress experience, but if you just take the time to follow tutorials and read everything before you get started, you can come up with one nice professional website. And, many of my clients can easily update their site without help from me.

    I have at least 6 other sites currently done in Striking which I will be upgrading once I have some time.

    When anyone asks me what theme I suggest for Wordpress...the first thing out of my mouth is STRIKING! Not only is it a really versatile theme the customer support is top notch above anyone else out there!
  • Hi There,
    sure, my pleasure:

    1) www.andamare.com
    2) Anita
    3) info @ andamare.com
    4) DIY: I did everything myself, besides the logo. I customized some plugins around google maps, but everything else is done with Striking, out of the box.

    5) I am wpml user, but had to skip the translation work for now, because it was too much effort, especially because one need to create all sliders, slider categories, categories, menues etc. for each single language. Yet, the wpml plugin is great as well as their support; the effort to maintain a multilingual blog is tremendous. We also will include e-commerce one day...however, currently I am using following plugins:
    AddThis Social Bookmarking, andamare google maps placemarks based on bgmp google maps, Collapsing Categories, Custom Field Suite, Custom Login 2.0, Duplicate Post, Google Analytics Dashboard, Google Analytics for WordPress, Google XML Sitemaps, Media Tags, Unattach and Re-attach Media Attachements, Widget Logic, Wordpress Importer, Wordpress SEO, WP-GPX Maps, WPML Media WPML Multilingual CMS, Wysija Newsletters,

    However, according to my view, the following ones are a must and should be included in WP: Collapsing Categories, Duplicate Post, Media Tags, Unattach and Re-attach Media Attachements, Widget Logic

    6) I am using Striking/StrikingR since a year, after I tried to achieve my goals with two other themes. Striking is offering a lot of features, all well thought through and often their usage is even broader than one might think from the beginning, especially when combining their functionality. The new striking responsive theme was the perfect next step. Now I can show case our website on the route, using iPad or mobile, always presenting the website in perfect light.

    All the Striking upgrades worked perfectly and the Striking Responsive beta experience with the striking team was fantastic!

    Besides all the great functionality of Striking/Striking Responsive, the nice and clean design, the most important for me is their support. Whenever I had a question, I asked the support team and I got great answers within shortest time.
    From my point of view, the most important, especially if you are doing everything on your own.

    I definitely will stay with Striking/StrikingR and/or new projects of this team. Surely I would recommend Striking to any WP user, no matter whether experienced or not!

    Thanks a lot
  • 1) URL dmeexpansionjoints.com
    2) Your name Joel Moore
    3) email Joel@dmeexpansionjoints.com
    4) DIY
    5) Plugins you are running. xcache/nexgen/etc...
    6) Some commentary about Striking Responsive. love it, never looking back! I have forced 2 others to use it and love it...updates are never an issue with me, knock on wood
    Hi Joel

    While I like your site of course, and nice little customization of the thumbnails, your site is a Striking Regular 5.2.1 site (I attach the evidence!). Is it that you were intending to update to Striking Responsive soon, and just got a little ahead of yourself? :D Good portfolio use as well, very much what we envisioned for users.

    BTW, the reason we ask for a complete list of compatible plugins, rather then just "..." is we are compiling a list of compatible plugins for our users, so we ask all who may be reading this comment to list them out fully, which all of the comments from Robertd62 to duefiore did perfectly, and very helpful for us thank you all.

    I do look forward to your conversion to responsive, it should be pretty straightforward I would think. And thanks for drumming us up the extra business. Greatly appreciated!

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
    332 x 192 - 70K
  • 1) http://mamaspizzaalpharetta.com
    2) Pete Mansel
    3) manselh @ bellsouth.net
    4) Web Professional
    5) Plugins you are running.
    Bad Behavior
    Bulletproof Security
    Continuous announcement scroller
    Countdown Timer
    Coupon Creator
    Easy Restaurant Menu Manager - extended
    Enable Media Replace
    Fast Secure Contact Form
    Get the image
    Google XML Sitemap
    Map Categories to pages
    My Calendar
    Quick Cache
    Secure WordPress
    Styles with Shortcodes for WordPress
    WordPress Database backup
    WordPress SEO
    WP Database Optimizer
    WP Email Capture
    WSA Favicon

    I had been using the Striking theme for a few sites but when Striking Responsive came out I just had to try it - initially because the Revolution slider was integrated with the theme which is what I was looking for. This responsive theme is superior to any other responsive theme out there and as of now there are only a few I'm aware of that even come remotely (very remotely) close to measuring up to the StrikingR theme.

    This theme is my theme of choice from this point forward and I'll never look back until the new Super-Theme gets release by the Striking team. Their support is superb and the team has a genuine interest in designer needs and wants and communicates with most of us frequently. The only organization as responsive, no pun intended, is perhaps Air Traffic control which keeps our skies safe and sound.

    Kudos to the Striking team and the marvelous work they are doing to make our lives a whole lot easier and more efficient.

    Pete in Atlanta GA.
  • 1) http://bobbrancoauthor.com
    2) PeteMansel
    3) manselh @ bellsouth.net
    4) Web Professional
    5) Plugins you are running:
    Bad Behavior
    BulletProof Security
    Continuous announcement scroller
    Enable media replace
    Fast Secure Contact Form
    Get the image
    Google XML sitemap
    Quick cache
    Secure WordPress
    WordPress database backup
    Wordpress SEO
    WP database optimizer
    WP simple PayPal shopping cart

    6) Some commentary about Striking Responsive: Flexibility, flexibility, flexibility. See my prior post about this theme.
  • 1) http://www.flightsofdelight.com
    2) Stacy
    3) flightsofdelight @ gmail.com
    4) DIY
    5) Plugins:
    Download Manager
    Facebook Like Thumbnail
    Google Analytics for WordPress
    NextGEN Gallery 1.9.13 (NOT UPDATED)
    Quick Contact Form
    SEO Smart Links
    Ultimate TinyMCE
    Wibya Toolbar
    WordPress SEO by Yoast
    6) I have always loved striking for it's beauty, simplicity, and customizability. These qualities hold true for Striking Responsive. Now, my website looks wonderful on mobiles and tablets, too. Installing it myself went fine, and I am really new to wordpress and such. It took some time to make sure my site was backed up and then go through the process of installing the new theme and making sure everything looked right. For example, I had to reinstall my custom cufon font and re-do my slider. I also ran into a plugin conflict with the Pinterest Button plugin by Tofurious, but the support team here was phenomenal in figuring it out, quickly! This theme was worth every penny, and more!
  • Page address is: http://www.ihc-ml.de
    A site for a young sports club. They play Inline Skate Hockey!

    My name: is raikit

    admin | at | ihc-ml.de


    21 active Plugins:

    All-in-One Event Calendar Pro by Timely: http://time.ly
    Antispam Bee http://wordpress.org/plugins/antispam-bee/
    BackWPup http://wordpress.org/plugins/backwpup/
    BAW login / logout menu http://wordpress.org/plugins/baw-login-logout-menu/
    Cachify http://wordpress.org/plugins/cachify/
    Captcha http://wordpress.org/plugins/captcha/
    Clef http://wordpress.org/plugins/wpclef/
    Download Manager http://wordpress.org/plugins/download-manager/
    Justified Image Grid http://codecanyon.net/item/justified-image-grid-premium-wordpress-gallery/2594251
    Link Library http://wordpress.org/plugins/link-library/
    Link Manager http://wordpress.org/plugins/link-manager/
    Login Security Solution http://wordpress.org/plugins/login-security-solution/
    Next scripts: Social Networks Auto Posters http://wordpress.org/plugins/social-networks-auto-poster-facebook-twitter-g/
    Page Security by Contexture http://wordpress.org/plugins/contexture-page-security/
    Post snippets http://wordpress.org/plugins/post-snippets/
    Responsive Menu http://wordpress.org/plugins/responsive-menu/
    PHP Code for posts http://wordpress.org/plugins/php-code-for-posts/
    Simple Login Log http://wordpress.org/plugins/search.php?q=Simple+Login+Log
    Toolbox (many snippets!) http://wordpress.org/plugins/toolbox/
    Widgets on Pages http://wordpress.org/plugins/widgets-on-pages/
    WordPress SEO http://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-seo/

    inactive Plugins: Faster Image Insert, CodeStyling Localization, User Role Editor

    in the test: BuddyPress and bbPress

    Striking was more of a random choice, more than two years ago. But it was the right choice! Striking comes with! Striking motivated me to try and sparks my creativity. The wealth of options is large. I'm always amazed at what can be conjured up! They see our extensive photo galleries in http://www.ihc-ml.de/medien. And the small team behind Striking is in word and deed by my side when I need support. Wonderful!
  • 1) http://hafenresidenz-ruegen.de
    A site for renting apartments

    2) My name is Thorsten Schumm

    3) augenklang@synaesthetik.de

    4) I am graphics designer but no programmer...

    5) Plugins on this (Multi)Site:
    Antispam Bee
    BWP Google XML Sitemaps
    Erident Custom Login and Dashboard
    Humans TXT
    ImageMagick Engine (due to problems with GD on this server)
    Simple Share Buttons Adder
    Multisite Robots.txt Manager
    WP Show IDs

    6) What to say about striking?
    All praise by previous speakers is true.
    I set up 9 sites already with striking responsive - the only one!

    So lets say it in short words:

    the best responsive theme

    by the most responsive team

  • 1) http://kearneyefree.com
    2) Steven Morris
    3) steven@kearneyefree.com
    4) Web Professional
    5) Akismet, Avatars, Google Calendar Events, Jotform Embed Forms, Page Links To, Series Engine, Ultimate Maintenance mode, Widget Builder, WP Super Cache (Disabled but have used)
    6) We have been very happy with the strength of the Striking Responsive theme and its development team support. The immense, customizable ability of this theme makes it very easy to turn this theme into something to show who we are. I would and have personally recommend this site to anyone who wants to utilize the beautiful Wordpress architecture with a professional, well-build theme to display their content.
  • 1) http://cmexmedia.org
    2) Pete Mansel
    3) manselh@bellsouth.net
    4) DIY (do it yourself) or Web Professional
    5)Plugins I'm running
    Add from server
    Add Squares widget
    Bad Behavior
    Bulletproof Security
    Easy Table
    Enable media replace
    Facebook like
    Fast Secure Contact Form
    Google XML
    Horizontal announcement scroller
    Map Category to pages
    Media Tags
    My Calendar
    My FTP
    Quick Cache
    Secure WordPress
    W4 Post List
    WordPress DB Backup
    Wordpress SEO
    WP DB Optimizer

    6) If you have read my prior reviews you know why I'm using Striking R as my current theme of choice. Sometimes things happen for a reason and the last WP 3.6 upgrade fried the slider in an old theme ( no longer supported ) we were using on this site. I had been thinking for a while that the site needed to be upgraded to become responsive to today's mobile device environment. Well the slider problem forced me to upgrade sooner than I thought. I was able to recover pretty fast with the Striking R theme but had to make changes an almost every single page because the prior theme's short codes did NOT follow standard conventions forcing me to review and correct every single page. I still have some work to do in our archive section to change all the download links to standard formats but the rest of the site is fully functional.
  • Hi all

    1) http://www.littledancer.fr (no wpml nor ecommerce)
    2) JG
    3) mail at littledancer dot fr
    4) DIY
    5) Plugins i'm running (17) :
    AIO schema.org rich snippet (not sure this one is usefull, maybe i will suppress it soon)
    Better WP Security
    Broken link checker
    Download monitor
    Email adress encoder
    Gravity forms
    GF Directory addon
    GF Mailchimp addon
    NextScript social network autoposter
    Sublime video
    WP rocket (cache)
    Wordpress menufication (in remplacement of select menu of SR - works out of the box)
    Wordpress SEO (i think i have some little fix to do with breadcrumbs but works perfectly)
    WP Smush it

    6) Very good theme. I try sometimes to change my website theme from striking to another one to change the design. But I never found a theme with all the fonctionnalities of wordpress that let me set my website as i feel even with popular or apparently well furnished theme!
  • 1) http://parkstreetbaptist.com, http://kershnersinasia.com/, http://servicemastertotalcarcare.com, http://reelfanreviews.com (...and more to come!)

    2) Sheldon Carmichael

    3) sheldon@bearededtechnologies.com

    4) Intermediate Freelance

    5) Akismet, All-in-One Event Calendar by Timely, All In One SEO Pack, Author hReview, Author Product Review, Contact Form 7, FitVids for WordPress, Google XML Sitemaps, Jetpack by WordPress.com, MailChimp Widget, Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin, Really Simple CAPTCHA, RefTagger, WordPress Importer, WP Super Cache

    6) The theme is next to none! Great quality, easy of use, robust features & options, excellent support & a top seller on ThemeForest! Every time I have the desire to use another theme, I just can't bring myself to do it. I developed with various other themes and none of them come close! I always go back to Striking! These guys are awesome and you are going to miss out it you don't try Striking for yourself!
  • 1) http://www.twtgroup.ca
    2) Shawn Freeman
    3) shawn@twtgrou.ca
    4) DIY (do it yourself)
    5) Yoast, iControl WP, W3 Total Cache, Contact form 7, Uber Login
    6) Working great, would love to be able to customize mobile site
    -different menu for mobile (both pages and design)
    -Ability to add call and email "Buttons"
  • sfreeman said:

    6) Working great, would love to be able to customize mobile site
    -different menu for mobile (both pages and design)
    -Ability to add call and email "Buttons"

    @sfreeman - Different menus for mobile other than Striking's drop down design can be accomplished with a few third party paid applications. Such as UberMenu or Menufication.

    Now the ability to add call and email buttons are very possible and very easy! Allow me to help you out here a bit.

    First thing you need to know how to make call and email links. It works just as you would make a link to a website. Example:

    <a href="http://websitelink.com">Click Here!</a>

    But instead of putting a website address, you would use the call or email link attributes, which are "tel:5555555555" or "mailto:email@domain.com". So the code would look like:

    <a href="tel:5555555555">Call Now!</a>
    <a href="mailto:email@domain.com">Email Us!</a>

    That is the basics of how to use the call or email attributes.

    Now let's cover how to use this the easiest way to use this in Striking:

    To do this, you want to use the "Shortcodes" feature. When you are in the page text editor, click the shortcodes button, then go to "Typography", then "Button".


    After that, fill out the necessary fields and make the adjustments to pick what size, color & design that you want. Example:


    Once you are finished and press the "Insert" button and it will insert the code into the page editor which will look like this:

    [button size="medium" align="center" full="true" link="tel:5555555555" linkTarget="_self" color="red" textColor="rgba(255,255,255,1)"]Call Now![/button]
    [button size="medium" align="center" full="true" link="mailto:email@domain.com" linkTarget="_self" color="red" textColor="rgba(255,255,255,1)"]Email Us![/button]

    Once you are finished and Publish the page, you will get the standard Striking button design that looks like this:


    Now when you click on the call button from anything but a smartphone, it won't work. But from a smartphone it works great! And the email link works well on all platforms.

    Now if you want to use something different than Strikings button graphic, then you can use your own button graphic by following this link and switching the url link with the "tel:" or "mailto:" link attributes.


    Hope this helps.
  • Hi James, I've updated this post effective April 15 2014 as so much has changed and improved with Striking Multiflex.

    All sites seems to be stable and the plugins seem fine.

    I'm currently on the current version on all sites ant the auto update feature has worked flawlessly so far.

    I'm still learning my way around all the great new features - I just don't have enough time to exploit them right now.

    Apart from running our own sites we do consultancy work to help clients design online businesses and we exclusively recommend that they base their websites on Striking Multiflex because of its stability, power and completeness.

    Re our sites, here are the details you asked for:

    1) URLs

    http://bestfrenchmortgage.com (This is a biggish site that uses conditional menus from Ubermenu to make it manageable for Google.)

    http://bestitalianmortgage.com (This is a small site that uses the revolution slider and other features from Multiflex straight out of the box)

    http://oui-fund.com (This is a multiflex site that's just about out of the box but which has which speed switching between French and English)

    http://plumbfrance.com (this is a new site which is being built for a launch date that will be set once the commercial contracts have been signed between the site owner and their suppliers. First phase will be a standard responsive site and phase 2 will add a large shopping cart, probably Magento)

    2) Your name - David Romano

    3) email - david@bestfrenchmortgage.com

    4) DIY (do it yourself) or Web Professional - about half way between the 2 as I have been running my own commercial websites since 2005 starting with Frontpage, then migrating through Dreamweaver to CS5 and finally on to WordPress with Striking and now Striking-r. (I use Striking Multiflex to power all our commercial website - all with their own license. For what Striking Multiflex provides for the price (including excellent support) I think it would be very shortsighted and foolish for users not to play fair with licensing and buy a valid license for each site they use it on)

    5) Plugins you are running.

    Better RSS Widget
    Google+ Plugin
    Google Analytics for WordPress
    Jetpack by WordPress.com
    Limit Login Attempts
    P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)
    Sucuri Security
    UberMenu 2 - WordPress Mega Menu Plugin
    UberMenu Conditionals
    WordPress SEO
    Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

    I've experimented W3 Total Cache but I haven't yet been able to establish viable settings.

    6) Some commentary about Striking Responsive. - Overall an excellent theme, with great support. We use it ourselves and recommend it, exclusively, to our clients. Definitely ***** (5 star) in our view and in the opinion of all our clients.

  • Hi thanks for the theme. I'd like to let you know about our new website using striking_r

    1) http://www.cranworthmedical.co.uk
    2) Steven Williams
    3) steven@cranworthmedical.co.uk
    4) Web Professional
    5) Plugins you are running. Cookie Law Info, Facebook, Featured Image
    6) Very happy with striking_r. Optimization for Retina displays would be nice.

    Well done.
  • Hi James. Great theme. My first striking site just went live. My client loves it. :x And therefore so do I but for different reasons. Your template is awesome!

    1) http://stelladatingcoach.com
    2) Patrick
    3) patrick *_at_* pcl-associates.net
    4) Web Professional
    5) Plugins:

    Appointment Booking Calendar
    Contact Form Manager
    CP Contact Form with Paypal
    Google XML Sitemaps
    Image Widget
    Jetpack by Wordpress.com
    Social Media Widget
    Super Simple Google Analytics
    W3 Total Cache
    Wordpress SEO

    6) Both my customer and I are delighted! :-)
  • 1) http://gtib.az
    2) Eshgin
    3) eshgin@shirinoff.com
    4) Web Professional
    5) Plugins:

    Jetpack by Wordpress.com
    Super Simple Google Analytics
    WP-DB Manager

    6) Thank you very match for creating amazing theme like srtiking and good luck in future.
  • 1) http://redpathip.com
    2) Jim
    3) jim@jimcamut.com
    4) Web Professional
    5) Plugins: Contact Form 7
    6) Awesome and impeccable work! I can really appreciate how much attention to detail you've put into this theme.
  • 1) http://tkvallpa.com
    2) Javier
    3) tkorfbal@gmail.com
    5) Plugins:
    - Custom Login.
    - Sociable
    - TablePress
    - Transposh
    - JetPAck WordPress

    6) It's really easy to build a simple web using Striking Responsive. I don't know about HTML, CSS... and I did it. There are many helpfuly options in this theme. Very good theme.
  • 1) http://www.djnickscott.com/
    2) Nick
    3) nick@djnickscott.com
    4) DIY
    5) Plugins:
    - Akismet
    - All In One SEO Pack
    - Lazy Load
    6) I love it's ease of use and ability to quickly add content. For a novice like myself, I needed a theme that looked professional and clean but also was easy for me to learn. I've had nothing but great feedback since I built my site with Striking a year ago. Great theme!
  • 1) http://krasa-club.com/
    2) Alla Razumova & Valentina Weller
    3) mail@krasa-club.com
    4) DIY & Web Professional (we are professionals)
    5) Plugins:
    - Akismet
    - All In One SEO Pack
    - AntiVirus
    - Better WP Security
    - cforms
    - DP Pro Event Calendar
    - Google XML Sitemaps
    - Magic Squares
    - RusToLat
    - Slider PRO
    - Socialize It!
    - Sticky Widget Area
    - Terms Descriptions
    - Theme My Login
    - TinyMCE Advanced
    - User Access Manager
    - Yop Poll Plugin
    - Youtube Channel Gallery
    Also there was a plug-in installed Keyword Tooltips, but so far off, as do not yet understand, with which it conflicts.

    1. Switched to Striking Responsive without problems.
    2. It's nice that all the basic structure has remained the template as for almost 3 years of working with him so learned all the details of the earlier version (by about 99% if not 100%) that it would be a pity to part with something.
    3. We all clients who make websites, focusing on the purchase of a license Striking because it can do everything.
    4. All that appeared brand new with the development of a template, we once mastered, and immediately begin to develop innovations version Striking Responsive.
    5. Most of the new versions of the theme pleasing to 2 points - the ability to customize many options for any page + chic slider - KenBurner Slider. It is not yet studied it in the intricacies, but realized that he is worthy continues to enhance Slider Anything.
    6. We hope that the new version is translated correctly all the admin panel on the Russian (Old some tabs administration panel and will not appear in the translation.)
  • Hi

    I will have all these sites added to the list at our themeforest sales page shortly.

    I also need people to go give us some nice star ratings and comments in the Striking Comments section! We recently received 4 one star ratings, and an equal number of 2 star ratings, for reasons that I believe are unfathomable, and I see it knocked our overall avg down.

    We are sweating bullets over here to build the best possible premium theme for the dollar, and offering it as a free upgrade, and ratings like that are just so undeserved IMHO. Some of the ratings may be from competing themebuilders, but I really want to hold onto that 4.75 avg, and now I need to find a great many 5 star ratings to offset this damage.

    BTW, something you all may not realize. If you buy multiple copies in one themeforest acct, you can only rate Striking once. But you can open multiple accounts funding them from the same source, and this then allows you to rate us each time you buy another Striking copy. Some of the designers who buy Striking repeatedly know this and do this anyways as they can then have their customers take over their accts at the time of handover of the site.

    Back to work on the update. A few more tweaks and we can push all these babies out the door.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
  • Hi Striking Team!

    I am very glad that our site http://krasa-club.com/ added to the list at your themeforest sales page. Only reference is an error in the url of the site (2 times http://).

    We have already put 5 stars for Striking 3 years ago. Today or tomorrow, be sure to ask your customers who have purchased a template, also put you 5 stars.

    While eight of our referrals have put Striking 5 stars. So congratulations: 4.75 rating again! But we will still work with our clients.

    Best Regards
    Alla Razumova
  • 1) http://www.theartbook.eu/
    - the main site of a multisite installation, including http://artsocial.theartbook.eu/ and http://boutique.theartbook.eu/
    2) Prolet Mladenova-Castell
    3) wamoffice@worldartistmanagement.com
    4) DIY
    s2Member® Framework Pro-for paid membership and "Buy now" options combined with Capability Manager Enhanced for easier management of user's capabilities.
    Adminimize-for full control of the front-end.
    The Events Calendar
    WP Super Edit - an editor for the front-end. It gives to the users an option to create tables, which is very important for them.
    WordPress SEO
    Ozh' Admin Drop Down Menu- for keeping the menu tide and gives me more space in the dashboard. Pretty admin bar.
    There is no need for other plugins, because Striking has the contact form, gallery, slideshow, social links etc.
    6)Striking Responsive.
    A year ago I started to work on my new website by my self by learning about wordpress, plugins, themes, functionalities, and all of that in a foreign language.
    Now I have a nearly finished beautiful website on a multisite wordpress installation.
    Whatever I achieved, I did it because of Striking and it's author's team.
    Striking as a theme is a great combination of functionality, stability and elegance. By it's self Striking is a ready-to-use-website. No need of many plugins just a bit of colour changes and the project is done.
    Every wordpress beginner has to start with Striking in order to understand how the system works.
    Every professional web developer can do miracles with Striking because it's possibilities are unlimited.
    Also I have to say that the support I receive from James and Paul is inestimable!Priceless!
    They are always around, always polite and most of all always helpful with very professional approach to every problem even when the questions are … let's say naive.
    Whoever uses Striking can define it's self as a web developer even if doesn't have any idea of HTML, CSS, PHP etc
    Striking is rear bijou!
  • keep them coming people, and those ratings as well. I am adding sites to our showcase list as they are posted here.

    And if you are feeling really generous, hop over to the Striking Themeforest comments and say something nice about Striking Responsive -> it needs some Themeforest love!! (*)

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
  • Here's our minimalist with flat colour scheme, incomplete though:

    URL: http://shreejee.co

    Name: Shreejee Electronics Pvt. Ltd. (GmbH)

    Email: hd[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]in

    Purely DIY

    Active Plugins:
    1. Captain Social by Captain Theme
    2. EWWW Image Optimize by Shane Bishop
    3. Google Analytics for WordPress by Joost de Valk
    4. Gravity Forms by RocketGenius
    5. Relevanssi by Mikko Saari
    6. Use Google Libraries by Jason Penney
    7. WooCommerce by WooThemes
    8. Wordpress SEO by Joost de Valk
    9. WP-DBManager by Lester 'GaMerZ' Chan
    10. W3 Total Cache by Frederick Townes
    11. WP Job Manager by Mike Jolley

    Comments: My first and the last purchase from Themeforest...fantastic theme!!!
  • 1) http://www.amandalynnphoto.com
    2) Amanda Coleman
    3) amanda@amandalynnphoto.com
    4) DIY
    5) Wordpress Yoast SEO,
    WordPress Database Backup
    MailChimp Form by ContactUs.com
    Gaboinked! Facebook Badge Plugin for WordPress
    FeedBurner FeedSmith
    Fast Secure Contact Form
    6) I am a WP or css novice and managed to create this website DIY.

    I couldn't have done it without James & Paul's help! It was exactly what I was wanting and very excited about my new site!

    Inserted from another thread.

    Amanda said:

    I just wanted to say a big thanks to James & Paul for all of their help as I, a very new WP user, created my website using the Striking Responsive theme. It turned out exactly how I envisioned! www.amandalynnphoto.com
  • 1) http://www.realasiamyu.com
    2) Timothy Phelan
    3) phelan@myu.ac.jp
    4) DIY
    5) Akismet, Authors Page, Blog Post Calendar Widget, Clean Up Images, Drag & Drop Feature Image, F2 Tag Cloud Widget, Facebook Comments Notifier, Gravity Forms, Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types, Gravity Forms Toolbar, Gravity Forms User, Registration Add-On, KNR Author List, Gravity Forms WYSIWYG, Regenerate Thumbnails,
    Gravity Forms WYSIWYG
    6) I have been a fan of Striking since the early days and have watched it grow and expand. For me, responsive functionality has been a must for my work; I am in eager anticipation of the formal release of Responsive R. The theme is easy to use and intuitive in just the right ways. It fits my needs perfectly. I especially like the ease with which one can change colors for the homepage. I highly recommend the people behind this exceptional piece of love.
  • 1) URL
    2) Your name
    Alexandre Leroux
    3) email
    alexandreleroux ( a t ) gmail
    4) DIY (do it yourself) or Web Professional
    5) Plugins you are running.
    Image Widget (because I'm having issues with the strikingr portfolio widget)
    Limit Login Attempts
    Mail on Update
    PauPress + PauPress Pro
    W3 Total Cache
    WordPress SEO
    WP to Twitter
    Wysija Newsletters

    6) Some commentary about Striking Responsive.
    While I'm a relatively newbie with WordPress, StrikingR offers lots of features, and the support provided is really amazing. Thanks!
  • URL http://www.ikostudio.it
    Name: Daniel
    Email: d.j.n.morris@gmail.com
    Webprofessional: yes
    Select Broken Link Checker
    Disqus Comment System
    Select Google Analyticator
    Post Types Order
    Video Manual for WordPress SEO by Yoast
    Widget Logic
    WordPress Media Tags
    WordPress SEO
    WPML Media
    WPML Multilingual CMS
    WPML Sticky Links
    WPML String Translation
    WPML Translation Management

    Comments: Almost seamless transfer. The preparatory work is worth doing systematically. I had one minor problem with CSS being imported when I thought I'd deleted it, but other than that, the site looked good with about 15 minutes and I didn't cuss once.

    Would I recommend the theme. Darn YES! Fabulous work and no bugs for me so far. Just one issue to resolve with WPML so that the logo's change for each language, The solution for Striking didn't work quite out of the box. I will post the solution when I have it.

    Thanks for a good theme and great customer service.

  • 1) http://itsasunnyday.com

    2) Raul

    3) raul@itsasunnyday.com

    4) DIY and Web Professional

    5) Plugins installed anad in use:
    Duplicate Post; Sucuri Security; WordPress SEO; WP Complete Backup; WP Issuu

    6) I just updated to the latest beta version and all seems to work fine. Striking is as its name says simply striking. It does it all, no need of installing lots of plugins. Is great to experiment and learn. I find it very versatile and easy to use and I love the responsive results in tablets and smart phones. Very good theme.

    Thanks for the hard work behind the curtain!
  • The Cries of a Child, a non-profit charity focused on restoring orphaned and abandoned children and vulnerable people in Burundi, Africa is excited to announce our new Striking-r website!

    James, Paul and the KaptinLin team have been amazing support so we wanted to share it here before we announce it publicly!


    Tony DiFranco, Marketing Director
    (and web developer)


    charity contact:

    Running the following awesome plugins:

    1. Gravity Forms (the best forms plugin on the market with a very helpful development team!)
    2. Constant Contact API
    3. Authorize.net API
    4. Blue Velvet Update URLs (a very handy little tool)

    Site security provided by COMODO.

    Payment gateway service provided by Authorize.net

    *** I can't say enough good things about the Striking-r theme and the KaptinLin development team. They have been with me every step of the way. As a web developer, having great support like this is the difference.

    I plan on purchasing more licences as more projects come up, and have already highly recommended KaptinLin themes to fellow developers.
  • With just a couple of exceptions every site above has been added to our showcase list at our Themeforest sales page.

    @ prolet, one of your subsites is down, and I do not know which site to add as they seem to be devoid of page content, with just headers and footers. Perhaps you can give me a link to a page which has some body content?

    @wisha - your site seems to be down completely.

    If I have missed anyone, please let me know asap!!

    Thanks for the submissions and keep them coming! When we redo the striking sales page at TF a few days from now we are going to have images of some of these sites as well in the revised look.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
  • 1) http://www.geminitkd.co.uk
    2) Jane Lambert
    3) jslambert@geminitkd.co.uk
    4) DIY
    5) Plugin:
    Google XML Sitemaps
    Jetpack by WordPress.com
    Login LockDown
    Maintenance Mode
    oil base plugin
    UK Cookie Consent
    WP Clean Up
    WP Customized Login

    6) Love, love love Striking. Switching to Striking Responsive was an easy and painless transition.
  • 1) http://www.tailormade.gr/
    2) George Koustoumpardis
    3) admin@tailormade.gr
    4) DIY
    5) Plugins in use:
    BruteProtect, CloudFlare, Featured Post, Gravity Forms, Installer, Login Logo, My Page Order, Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions, P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler), Post Types Order, WordPress SEO, WPDBSpringClean, WP Maintenance Mode, WPML Multilingual CMS, WPML Sticky Links, WPML String Translation, WPML Translation Analytics, WPML Translation Management, WP Smush.it
    6) Absolutely love striking, Using it for almost 3 years now, was easy to begin with and easy to extend with a couple of plugins. Using R since early beta versions on that production site, sometime caused problems, but the team behind the team is rock solid and solve each and every problem fast. Thank you guys :)
  • 1) http://lafranceaulimbourg.nl
    2) We the striking Team.
    3) We dont want to give our email details.
    4) i dont know, why dont you tell us !
    5) Extended Tags Widget, Justified Image Grid, Login LockDown, NextGEN Gallery(1.9.13), Post Types Order, Quform, Simple Tags, Tweetable, White Label Branding for WordPress, WordPress SEO, WP Show IDs, Woocommerce,
    6) well you all know that one.
  • 1) http://proklam.com
    2) Julie
    3) proklam AT hotmail . com
    4) DIY
    5) Plugins:
    - AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget
    - Akismet
    - Contact Form 7
    - Link Manager
    - Really Simple CAPTCHA
    - Simple 301 Redirects
    - th0th's Quotes
    - Wordpress Importer
    - WP Show IDs

    6) Painless upgrade from Striking reg, a few weeks ago. And just updated to Striking R 1.0 and so far everything is fine. Only good things to say. As I'm a learning DIY'er, the most important thing is the excellent support from Striking Team and the community forum as well.

    Thanks for your excellent work (makes me look like a pro ;) )
  • http://www.kidscarstore.com.au
    help @ webhostmelbourne.com
    _WP importer
    _Contact Form 7
    _Simple 301 Redirects

    Plainless transfering to Striking. Just think theres much more missing for Woocommerce. The great support is what I am looking forward too.
    Thank you James and team.
  • 1. http://www.gsdecorating.com
    2. greg clark
    4. Plugins

    seemed to have lots of trouble with W3 total cache (pictures wouldnt load) wasnt sure if it was something I had done wrong though but changed to super cache and alls working
    wordpress seo
    wp seo social booster
    seo smart links
    seo friendly images
    jet pack

    Really glad I purchased striking I remember when I first purchased it there were under 100 sales on themeforest and now look at it 1000s...
  • 1) http://www.cvnprint.com
    2) Michael
    3) michael@cvnprint.com
    4) DIY
    5) Plugins you are running.

    BJ Lazy Load
    Contact Form 7
    Go - Responsive Pricing & Compare Tables
    MailChimp for WordPress
    Reveal IDs
    SEO Friendly Images
    Thumbnail Scroller (WordPress Plugin)
    TinyMCE Advanced
    W3 Total Cache
    WordPress Notification Bar
    WordPress SEO
    WP Retina 2x
    WP Smush.it
    WP Social SEO Booster

    6) I have been using Striking for over 2 and a half years now for my company website. I had no wordpress and website experience then but using the striking theme has help me learning html and css which has helped me create a website which fits the company branding. Earlier this year I started updating the website to increase the number of pages to over 90 and when the beta of the responsive theme was released converted the site over. Converting the site was so easy and the new addition of the revolution slider has added a great feature on my homepage. I am now working on updating the style of the site to a more flat design, using more of strikings capabilities with more custom css features which on other themes people I know have used would not be possible. Striking is the most flexible and supported theme I have used and in future will be building other clients sites using it.
  • 1) http://nicolabiagioni.com
    2) Nicola
    3) info@nicolabiagioni.com
    4) DIY
    Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions
    Shareaholic | share buttons, analytics, related content
    SyntaxHighlighter Evolved
    W3 Total Cache
    WordPress SEO
    6) Simply the best WordPress theme EVER.
  • 1) http://www.enerflowhealing.com
    2) Amelie
    3) info@enerflowhealing.com
    4) DIY
    5) Plugins you are running :
    Antispam Bee, AWeber Integration, Cunjo, Magic Action Box, Simple Facebook Plugin, WooCommerce, WordPress Importer, WordPress Pop Up Plugin (not active yet), WordPress SEO, WP Testimonial Widget,
    6) Some commentary about Striking Responsive :
    Right now, I'm still having problem with Woo Commerce (no add to cart button with variable products).

  • 1) http://marketingden.net/
    2) Seth Riley
    3) sethriley330@gmail.com
    4) DIY
    5) My Plugins:
    a. A5 Custom Login Page
    b. AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget
    c. Advanced Text Widget PRO
    d. Akismet
    e. All In One SEO Pack
    f. AWeber Web Forms
    g. BAW Login/Logout menu
    h. blogVault
    i. EasyOptinserter
    j. Google XML Sitemaps
    k. jQuery Vertical Accordion Menu
    l. New User Email Setup
    m. Peter's Login Redirect
    n. Pullout Widgets
    o. SalesPress
    p. Simple:Press Forum
    q. W3 Total Cache
    r. WP Smush.it

    6) I started using striking over a year ago and throughout that time I have not been able to find a theme that offers as much flexibility as Striking.

    I am a self-taught WP designer that believed ease of use is very important as well. I have discovered that I can use striking for almost all my clients sites without having to do any hard coding, simply because the developers have deigned this theme not only to be super flexible with functionality and layouts, but have also made it super easy to add background images anywhere on the site. Being able to add images to any part of the site and having the option to make each individual image Responsive gives me the ability to make every single Striking site I design completely unique from the last project.

    I have thoroughly learned every feature Striking offers and I have also thought up some features that would be a nice option to add to make this theme the only theme I will ever need to use on any site I create. At the end of the day I just want to use 1 theme I know inside and out that will do anything I need it to do.

    Some features I would like to see in later Striking Responsive updates.

    1. Optional secondary top level navigation menu by selecting a double menu header.

    2. adding the ability to move the logo left and right by pixels.

    3. Optional Centering of the logo in the header.

    4. Optional 100% width template with the option to adjust the width of the content area by pixels.

    5. Optional styled Optin Form that can be displayed on any page in a shortcode. (Insert the Raw HTML code of the form into the form box prior to inserting the shortcode.)

    6. JW-Player integration for Lightbox effect and archives blog page.

    7. Ability to style tabs and according with more advanced styling to match the theme. (Gradient, Shadowing etc.)

    8. Ability to move the navigation menu from the right to the left.

    9. Optional vertical shadowing for box layout background on each side of the content container. (To give the theme a 3D feel and to make the theme pop-out at you when viewing in box layout.)

    Sorry if I said to much, thank you for for providing such an amazing theme for me to use. Striking has been my #1 WP theme for as long as I can remember. I even got bored a few times and bought other theme I thought would work better but at the end of the day I always found myself coming back to Striking because I have not been able to find a theme that offers as many features as Striking does!

    So thank you for all the work you guys have put into this amazing theme!
  • 1 ) http://tvori.biz/
    2 ) Alla Razumova & Valentina Weller
    3) mail@tvori.biz
    4 ) DIY & Web Professional (we are professionals)
    5 ) Plugins:
    - Akismet
    - CataBlog
    - cforms
    - DP Pro Event Calendar
    - Feedburner Email Vidget
    - Google XML Sitemaps
    - GRAND Flash Album Gallery
    - Magic Squares
    - Megatables
    - SABRE
    - Simple Login Widget
    - Sticky Widget Area
    - Theme My Login
    - TinyMCE Advanced
    - Transliterado
    - User Access Manager
    - WordPress Database Backup
    6) It 's our website, it is working on a template Striking with May 2011. Transition to Striking_Responsive was normal , almost without fail. Began to explore new sliders : very satisfied. Total use of beta almost no major disruptions. A small , with your help eliminated very quickly.

    Thank you for this great theme!

    Best Regards
    Alla Razumova & Valentina Weller
  • 1 ) http://wp.tvori.biz/
    2 ) Alla Razumova & Valentina Weller
    3) mail@tvori.biz
    4 ) DIY & Web Professional (we are professionals)
    5 ) Plugins:
    - Akismet
    - Feedburner Email Vidget
    - Google XML Sitemaps
    - Theme My Login
    - TinyMCE Advanced
    - Transliterado
    - WordPress Database Backup
    6) This is our site dedicated specifically opportunities Template Striking, it works with January 2012. After the transition to Striking_Responsive we lost all sliders Anything, of which there were many. Everything else works fine. On this site we show to our customers all of the chips and our own design projects that have helped us make the template Striking. So far this site has a visual errors that appeared after the transition to Responsive, and we very much hope that, after studying all the new features we will eliminate them.

    Thank you for this great theme!

    Best Regards
    Alla Razumova & Valentina Weller

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