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Nivo slide speed when using via shortcode
  • Hello,

    My client wanted to move the slider down a bit on the home page, which I did by disabling it via the admin and then just inserting it into the page via shortcode. I notice, now, however, that I can no longer control slide speed, etc. Do I need to do this now by editing javascript?

    Here's the draft page I am working on:

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  • Hi Pete

    can you tell me which speed you are trying to adjust: the animation speed, or the pause time?

    I just did some testing, and the pause time is working fine. So is the animation speed, but, the transitions setting is not working correctly from what I could see visually, it appears to be doing random transitions irrespective of the transition effect actually chosen. As it seems to be reverting to random, the script also abruptly seems to be cutting off in the animations speeds sometimes as well.

    Its odd as the nivo script is incorporated the same as the past.

    I will put this on the ToDo list. I am not sure why the script is so fickle lately. We have not touched it, yet it seems like it is misbehaving.

    We will do our best to tune it up. But it will be a few days on this matter.

    Pete, can you send me a pm with your skype id?

    Best Regards
    Striking Team

  • Thanks just sent it. -Pete
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