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Can't get slider to work
  • I am using Xampp on my own computer to simulate a hosting server. This way I developed several websites. However I started using "Striking" to reimplement one of my websites using xampp. The problem is that I can't get the sliders to work. I see he navigation buttons in he image field but not the images themself. I noticed that Striking needs GD-Librairy but can't find it in the xampp implementation on my system. Nor do I know if I cab implement it myself. Anybody have an idee?
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  • Hi

    xampp support gd lib as far as i know, as many themes and plugins use the gdlibrary.

    GD lib is a addon to the php code.

    Best regards,
    Striking Team

  • Paul,
    If so have you any idea as to why my slider does not work? Can I find GD librairy somewhere in the PHP folders?
  • Maybe I don't understand, or can't differentiate, between Categories, Portefolio and Slider items and what their function is. Sofar when I have uploaded 5 slides as separate slide items and when I previeuw the site I see the names of the slide-item pas by but not the images.
  • Hi Ben

    I have wampserver installed, and in my last use of it had no issues. I will do another wampserver test in the next 2 days, but we many designers who use wamp, and none have reported any issues.

    Given what you just reported in your more recent post, it sounds like you have a permissions issue if I understood your problem correctly.

    If you message me and include your skype, on Tues or Wed we might be able to do a screenshare. I regret I cannot do this today.

    A category is a grouping of like kinds of items. A portfolio is a post type, but one can accumulate single portfolio items into a category, and use the portfolio shortcode to display either a single portfolio item, all the items in a category, or more then one category. A slider item is also a post type, and again, one can put slider items into a group/category.

    One can use the sliders then to display the items in a slider category, or several categories. In Striking, one can also display blog and portfolio categories ->in this case the featured image of each post in the category will display.

    The above is a lot to chew on, I hope I was clear.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
  • I would like to screenshare but have not been using Skype before. Is this waht you need?
  • Huray, slider works now. Loaded the image in de body of the slider item instead of with the buttom "featured image". Thanks for the help.

  • Hi,

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