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Hi Everyone - Not able to edit the user profiles on my site.
  • I've installed woocommerce and a couple of it's extensions on my site, unfortunately at some point I managed to lose my profile pages. Whenever I try to go to a user's/my profile page I get a 404 error. Has anyone experienced this/know how to fix it? - = 404 error.
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  • Hi

    does it happen with all plugins OFF?

    Best regards,
    Striking Team
  • Hi

    To add to what Paul has asked, I am seeing some scripting issues on your site. I do believe you have an issue with some plugin but I cannot advise what it is as of yet.

    The issue of not being able to edit a user profile is not something that we have encountered before.

    I should add, although I do not think the issues are related, that we have tested regular Striking only up to Woo 2.03. Striking Responsive we have tested and is fine to Woo 2.10. I do not think there are any compatibility errors for Woo 2.03 and Striking but we have not tested to provide certainty on this matter. We will be certifying for the Striking 5.2 formal release coming very soon.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
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