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Featured images in portfolio list not showing in IE 10 - Solution is to update to Striking Ver 5.2
  • Hi Kaptinlin,
    I have a problem with my Portfolio - the Portfolio list page is not constantly displaying the Images - only the "round waiting icon" appeares, but if you reload the page several times, it suddenly appears, next time you reload: only the "round waiting icon" appeares - and the Problem seems to be only in the IE10. Nivo Slider works in IE10.


    Also it seems that the sporadic problem ist only at the "page" where you write the "portfolio shortcode" in and not in the portfolio single page.

    In IE9, Firefox, iPad ect. the Portfolio is working...

    Perhaps the jquery Version must be updated for the IE10?!

    Please help - Many thanks.
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  • Hi Max

    Actually, it was not to do with jquery, but if you install Striking Beta Ver 5.2 then you should have any residual issues for IE10 resolved.

    Please get back to us after you have installed it and confirm that everything is ok.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
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