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Migrating Striking Setup from a Single Blog test Install to WP Multisite
  • Ok, so i hired a developer to setup a new site. He did so on WP single site, and set up a sub directory on his server to modify striking to create the new layout

    Now I want to transfer this over to my WP Multi site installation. As I understand it FTP wont work because of the structure of WP Multi. You cant use cpanel, because you need to edit the database manually to create change the single table prefixes.

    I have already setup the site in multisite, so everything is initialized.
    Is it as simple as.

    Single Site

    Create the Striking export file
    Create the Wordpress XML export file ( with all attachments)


    Import the striking options
    Import the Wordpress file

    From previous experience ( multi to multi) I have to go in and save the colors and fix the menus

    If i do this, will any custom background images for striking be sent over?

    Are there any other steps?

    Thanks in advance for your help

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  • Hi dave,

    The easiest way i believe is the backup buddy plugin. As far as i know it has a export import function from single site to multi site.

    After that you also might to use some search and replace script for serialized data which still point to your old server.

    I must admit i never used the xml method.

    What do you mean by he modified striking? Hardcoded changes to the core files?

    Best regards, Paul, Striking Team
  • Paul

    Thanks for the reply.

    I did purchase backup buddy. A couple of days after i purchased it they decided to no longer develop or support multi site. I use vaultpress and they dont support this either, I dont believe.

  • Hi

    Since when? Even the latest version i downloaded supports it. You only have to add some code into the wp-config.php

    because i still use it to import and export from single site to multi site and it works fine. I recently moved all websites from TDS from one corrupt multisite to a new clean one without any problems.

    how much time do we have as i think i can do the transfer for you maybe next weekend ( but i cant promise as i am on a tight schedule).

    Best regards,
    Striking Team
  • Paul

    Thanks for the reply I really appreciate your time.

    I moved all of the content just fine. I did move the striking setting and they worked fine. The challenge is that he did all of the modifications in a striking child theme,.

    Is there anyway to use this in multisite? Where would i copy or install it. Thanks in advance for your time


  • Paul

    I took the initiative based on what i read.
    1.) I created a directory on my wordpress network called striking-child in the mainwp-content
    2.) I copied the attached style.css file from the local striking theme and uploaded it to the directory.
    3.) I went into Network Themes and network enabled the Striking CHild ( the preview did not have black striking image on it( attached.)
    4.) I went into the specfici ite and enabled the Striking CHild theme

    When i visited the site, it did not change I have also attached the screenshots of the test site I am trying this on and the local site that is formatted.

    I am missing something, since when I go to modify the options, it still says Striking, not Striking Child

    Thanks in advance for your help!


    Striking Theme Screen Shot.jpg
    338 x 329 - 18K
    Screen Shot When Activated.jpg
    289 x 180 - 36K
    Local Site Formatted.jpg
    676 x 549 - 221K
    Striking Network Test Site with CHild Theme Enabled.jpg
    659 x 565 - 186K
  • Hi Dave,

    can you send us admin login details in a pm and Please include :

    1) a link to this thread so in know what this is about.
    2) As much details/information about the problem as possible
    3) links to the affected page(s)

    You can send me a pm at Backups

    On the left there is a link (option) saying :

    "Send BackuPs a Message".

    You can send James a pm at websys

    On the left there is a link (option) saying :

    "Send Websys a Message".

    Best regards,
    Striking Team
  • Paul

    Will pull this together now. Thanks for helping me out!


  • Paul

    An update I got a hold of the developer. He sent me the entire child theme subdirectory, which included changes to a lot of files.

    So moving the changes to the custom css file will not work. It needs to be a child theme

    When i uploaded the child directory and when i went to activate it i got this error message

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Theme_Options_Page_General in /home/bizdevre/public_html/wp-content/themes/striking/framework/admin/options/general.php on line 230

    Thanks for all of your help!

  • Hi Dave

    what version of striking were you using in the previous site and what are you using now? Because each version has its own childtheme.

    Best regards,
    Striking Team
  • Closed

    We are assisting this user on the basis of being custom paid work. He paid an outside designer to do some work, and they did the build in a very, very odd way. We are correcting so that a child is not necessary, and the user can upgrade as new Striking and WP releases become available, which they would not have been able to do with what was done by the 3rd party designer.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
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