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Hover-over font
  • I set a Cufon font which works fine, but I'm getting a weird font appear when I mouse over the cufon font in the menu (see attached file—note the menu item "history").

    I can't seem to find where the hover font is determined.


    R Hymer

    Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 7.19.54 PM.png
    343 x 194 - 58K
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  • Hi

    It would appear, if by accident, that you have set some custom css for your fonts, to enable a different font on hover. You should check your font panel, all fonts, to see what is happening.

    If you had provided a url so that I could view the phenomena, then I would have been able to give you more specific info.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
  • Hi

    this happens when the cufon font list in the striking settings lists more then one cufon font. Please remove all cufon fonts from the list and leave in only the one you are using.

    Best regards,
    Striking Team
  • I took the offending font out of the library, turned all cufons off, then selected the one I wanted. Works fine now. Thanks!
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