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Links to Galleries not working
  • Hi,

    It looks as if my links (SEE MORE>>) on my Portfolio page no longer direct to the galleries I have set up.

    Any idea how I fix this and what caused it? My portfolio page is



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  • Hi Jay

    I would guess perhaps you recently updated a plugin or changed its settings? You really did not give us enough other then that something is not working. But things don't just stop out of the blue - something has to trigger the behaviour change.

    I would disable jetpack first, and see what happens as it is often the culprit. I can confirm to you the Read More button works, so its specific to you and yours.....

    If you continue to be stumped, you know the routine, pm I or Paul with all the necessities .......

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
  • Hi

    What comes to my mind:

    Did you change the permalink structure?
    Did you change the portfolio slugname?
    Did you change the .htaccess?
    Did you move to another server?

    Best regards,
    Striking Team
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