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Installing striking theme on local host
  • Hello!

    I recently purchased the latest version of Striking on themeforest and then downloaded the beta from your support site.

    I would like to get started migrating my old HTML site to your Wordpress theme and have set up Wordpress on my localhost, so that I can build the site and then launch it when we're satisfied with how it's working.

    My very basic question is: how do I install the theme?

    I tried to upload the ZIP file, but it said the file was too large. Is it possible or is there another way?

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  • Hi

    Normally, in a local host install, you just unpack the folder so that you have access to the striking folder which contains all the theme files, and then drop the striking folder into the themes folder on your hard drive similar to how you would ftp.

    So on a windows system, we typically use wamp server. So path is Local Disk C/wamp/www/sitename/wp-content/themes.

    I attached a screenshot which i hope helps.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
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  • BTW

    Congratulations on your purchase. I would suggest you in fact install the responsive version of striking and start to play with it. As you know own a Striking license you can go to and input your license key and download a copy. There will be another responsive update very shortly as well.

    So the wisdom of your purchasing decision has been further validated - essentially you just bought to of the best themes in the world for the price of one! ;)

    I believe I remember answering your questions over in the comments thread at TF?

    Happy Striking!
    Striking Team
  • Brilliant. Thank you.
  • Yes, I know.....Your welcome! B-)
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