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Is Custom CSS saved to database - using Heroku for hosting and have questions.
  • I'm using this theme for a site hosted on Heroku. Heroku has the constraint that there is no persistent file system. Processes are able to write files, but when the server process is restarted, those files will be gone. So I use the "WP Read-Only" plugin to save files to Amazon S3. It would appear Striking is still saving to the volatile file system, at least for a few settings. Most things appear to persist just fine, but my custom CSS and "Logo and/or Tagline Bottom Spacing" under the Striking --> General are not working as expected. The values are saved and shown on the admin side, but when I restart my site, the custom CSS and logo bottom spacing is no longer included when actually viewing my site. If I click "Save" in admin, it starts showing again.

    Can you help me know if there's some setting I need to change, or if this is a bug you will address, or if not where in the code I could begin debugging?

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  • Hi

    This will not work with Striking. The served images (not static images) are saved in the cache folder and the custom css is in the skin.css file, which are dynamic files, not stored in the database.

    This is not a bug, but rather how Striking works. We do it this way as it improves site speed - Striking then does not need to generate new custom css for each loading time.

    There is no way to get around this at this time. This is how Striking is built from the ground up. Regretfully, Striking is not designed for an environment like Heroku and we have not yet encountered an instance where a customer was using Striking in this environment.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
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