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My website is extreeeemely slow - Hoster problem.
  • Hey gang and Kaptinlin,
    Since yesterday my website is running extremely(!) slow, and I'm not sure if it's the theme (Striking), wordpress, or my hosting (bluehost). I installed a new page yesterday ( ) and since then I feel like I'm working with archaic internet. And before you ask: yes, the dashboard and wp-admin is super slow as well.
    Any tips and tricks are welcome! My website is
    P.S. I'm quite quick in getting the technical stuff, but please don't speak in CSS language - won't understand. Thanks :)
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  • Hello

    It looks your website is not up: I think your host is having a hard downtime.
  • Hi

    I allmost know for 100% that this is caused by you hoster as they use shared sql database and they love to overload (overbook) their servers to gain as much money as possible.

    if the theme would cause this we all would have this problem. And believe me we dont.

    Best regards,
    Striking Team
  • Hi

    All I had to hear was bluehost, and right away I could guess the problem. Bluehost, 1+1, GoDaddy, all these types of hosts are cheap for a reason - they bundle a huge amount of sites on an ip and server - my guess is that you have a 1/15000th share of the server resources. On one occasion after a user was complaining about the speed of their site, we went and analyzed how many sites were on the server at their host - 17459! Unbelievable!

    If you are interested, we are launching our own hosting very shortly, on our own servers, and highly specialized for wordpress. Here are some details:

    - if you have a striking license you enter the license number while purchasing the hosting, and guess what -> you go right into the back end of your striking site already set up! No installation necessary!

    - no caching plugin necessary! We do the caching server side, and you can turn it on and off at will, besides the normal clear the cache function.

    - no backup plugin necessary - we do it all automatically!

    -huge server side security in apache making most security plugins unnecessary. We won't ever tell someone they don't need a security plugin as some plugins also provide other non-security info, but our server security is something to behold.

    - full cpanel access! We don't skin some cheap webmin panel like the other majors (such as wpengine and godaddy) do. You get access to the real deal, in all of its power.

    - full https webmail with every account - some hosts don't even offer webmail anymore (wpengine for example).

    -cdn available at extra cost. I think for most not necessary, but we provide one correctly configured if you need it.

    - very limited sharing of resources. No 15000 sites on an ip! No shared databases! And many more fabulous features.

    - we are going to offer an initial promo for our userbase on formal launch.

    Please note this is premium, high quality hosting not $3 a month junk hosting. You want fast and competent, you have to pay for it. You already know what crap is like as your experiencing it right now.

    Pricing is going to run at about $25 a month and up. There will be specialized packages available for more intensive site types such as ecommerce, problogs, etc.

    if interested let me know by pm.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team

  • Thanks guys, I'm gonna contact Bluehost. My site is running fine now – don't know why, but it's all good for the moment.
    James - I've been thinking of witching to HostGator anyway because they're using green power, but will definitely consider the Striking hosting. How green would you say it is?
    Love from sunny Amsterdam! :)
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