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Entire Footer Hyperlinked To Page?
  • I have an issue where my entire footer is linking to my Privacy Policy? The only link I have in the footer links to my sitemap. I am using Contact Form 7 (Nothing but problems!) and have added a link to the Privacy Policy within the contact form and now my entire footer is linked to the Privacy Policy!

    Also, the textarea on the sidebar contact form can't be contained no matter what width I input? Of course, this looks like crap! I know you don't do support for the plugin, but any help is greatly appreciated since I can't seem to find it anywhere else.

    If you have any suggestions on a contact form plug in that can be customized and actually works with your theme that would be great!

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  • Hi

    Most contact forms work fine, but in our opinion the best are:

    Free - Fast Free Contact Forms
    Paid - Quforms from Codecanyon

    There are many users who have CF7 active on their Striking site, and also several threads on the forum about it, search:

    Kaptinlin support Contact Form 7

    in google, or variations like CF7, etc

    I am not quite following what you are saying about the textarea not being contained.... but a url for us to see the phenomena always helps.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
  • Hi

    Can you provide admin access and a url to see what is happening with the linking in the footer. Most likely a nonen closed a tag somewhere in the page.

    You can send me a pm at Backups

    On the left there is a link (option) saying :

    "Send BackuPs a Message".

    Best regards,
    Striking Team
  • Hello

    OK, my view is different from James, if you are really in need of a powerful forms plugin which can literally do anything you can think of, go for Gravity Forms! I'm not here to advt. about it, but certainly after trying many of the paid plugins like QuForms, Formidable Pro, etc. and the freewares like Contact forms 7, GF was the one that has raw powerful customization options and outnumbers other plugins in various features and scenarios.

    Hop over: Do check out it's live demo, feature list and add ons.


    PS: To Striking devs - after the recent update to 1.7 I have abolished the use of raw shortcode since the form is working perfectly without causing any theme conflict.
  • Hi shreejee,

    The only paid forms plugin I have used so far is Quform and I must say I am very happy with it and have never missed any functionality or customization option. Also the support team has always been prompt resolving the few issues that have arose.

    Maybe I am not aware of some functionalities or options not present in Quform that perhaps could be useful to me. So I was wondering if you could give me an example of a feature of Gravity Forms, non existent in Quform, that you find specially useful/interesting.

  • images2013
    I have used Fast Secure Contact Form plug in for just about every site I do. I find it works fine and very easy to use and configure
  • Hi

    I prefer Quforms if paid, and Fast Secure contact forms for a free alternative.

    Good to know that GF is operating well in Striking Responsive - thanks for the update HardiK!

  • Hello @Diegocanal

    This page: would actually give you a brief idea about GF (Ha! Not girl friend).
    I'm currently using the Developer version of GF which provides me prioritised support and many advance form Add-Ons like:

    PayPal Pro:
    Signature: | Signature Demo:
    User Registration:
    And even newsletter integration via MailChimp:
    Full list:

    This comprehensive Developer Documentation here actually shows you how you can pass various parameters into the forms using hooks and filters:

    Do have a look the the live demo here: and you'll actually come to know about it's potential and various advance fields QuForm doesn't have especially the Pricing Fields.

    I'm currently developing my website on a localhost so I cannot actually provide you a direct link of it but will do after the Final release of Striking R.

  • Hi shreejee,

    Thank you very much for responding so thoughtfully to my question.

    Nice feature set, for the moment I do not need any of these functionalities but probably in the future I will.

    Just one thing, I am not quite sure if the "annual license renewal" model would suit me as I don't usually go that way...I guess in some situations it may be justifiable (to me)

    Definitely I will keep in mind this plugin.

    Thank you!


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