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Dropdown Menus No Longer Appear When on Any Other page but Home
  • Hello

    Thanks in advance for the help. I am using striking on a development and production site. On the production site, when I to go home, the dropdown menus appear fine. When i access a page ( About Us) as I mouse over the menus, none of them appear. I recently added a menu choice and it seemed to happen them Thanks!

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  • Hi Dave

    LOL! How can we help you with that little info! Even reading the above, it is hard to make sense of it, but you also left out everything about versions, maybe screenshots, etc.......

    You have been with us long enough to know better.... :D

    I thought you were on my skype contact list. But if not, send me a pm with your skype id, and we can connect and look at what the heck is happening.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
  • Thanks James...just got back from vacation...brain now working! Will send you a PM

  • OK now that my brain is back working....sort of lol

    This is the production site. When we load the home page, we mouse over About Us and it shows the drop down menus ( see attachment 1)

    Now we click to the About Us page. We mouse over the About Us menu choice, and the dropdown menus no longer appear (see attachment 2)

    It is the same with every other page ...none of the drop down menus appear.

    If we return to the home page, and the drop down menus reappear.

    I get the same results in the latest versions of Chrome and IE9

    On the development site, this is not a problem. All of the sub menus appear no matter what. I wnet thru and compared striking setup and it is the same. There are also no plugins enabled on the production site that are not on the development site.

    We are on WP 3.5.1. and the most recent version of striking.

    We are using W3 total cache. I cleared the cache. I also cleared the cache in striking. I also restarted the apache server.

    We , like everyone else have been dealing with the bot net attacks. Recently, they disabled the mod_security restrictions so that I can log on.

    Don't understand why two sites, with the same settings, can do this.

    Thanks in advance for the help and I hope this is clearer James!

    Attachment 1.jpg
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    Attachment 2.jpg
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  • OK it looks like the problem has resolved itself on Chrome...but remains a problem in IE

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