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Setting Custom Permalinks
  • Hello as soon as I change the permalink from Default to another option to get friendly URLs I can't view my pages that have no parents. All pages with parents seem to still be viewable. I can't even do view the page on he dashboard, I get the code 404 Not found.
    Do you have any explanation? or idea about what to do?
    I have checked with my hoster and they support friendly URLs, their support even looked into my wordpress site without finding the reason.
    BR Thomas
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  • Hi Thomas

    You are the 2nd user to report this, when we have never had any such issue, either with current or past versions of Striking. In fact, we cannot even replicate the issue. And the issue may or may not be WP vs theme related.

    You seem to be an army of 2 in a user base of 15000. Lucky you! :D

    I suggest you send me your wp and ftp admins by personal message -> click on my name and then the link to send me a pm.

    I will make best efforts to check out the issue within 24 hrs of receiving this information.

    Until I login, I am somewhat at a loss to give any further help. Its very odd, and every attempt we have made to invoke what you are describing has failed.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
  • Hi

    All fixed. I believe it may have been a bad install of one of WP or Striking, as after I reinstalled, the permalinks are working and I set them to custom.

    I also tweaked a few other things for you while I was in there.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
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