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Is it possible to search on portfolio categories?
  • I would like to know if it is possible to include the portfolio categories in the search results.

    I am creating a business directory site and have set each business up as a portfolio with specific categories. I have a directory page which is set up with the portfolio shortcode with sorting so the portfolios can be sorted into the categories. I would also like a list of portfolios belonging to a certain category to show in the search results - all the portfolios categorised as banks should show if the user searched on banks.

    I think I may need additional code or a plugin to be able to do this. If I am not mistaken a portfolio category is a custom taxonomy and a portfolio post is a custom post in wordpress and these are not included in the standard search - well in the Striking theme you can include portfolios in the search results but not the portfolio categories.

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  • Hi

    You are correct. When you do a search, all portfolio items that have "bank" in them will show up, but i think the portfolio category "bank" might not. Actually, have never tested for this type of request before and I cannot say it ever occurred to us!

    Do you have a site link? We might be able to modify the search routine so that it also displayed portfolio categories -> but be advised this is some custom coding, and until we get our head above water on our final release of Striking R (which I am trying to get beta 9.6 out the door right now but am sidetracked by the forum posts) we will not consider any such custom work.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team

  • Thanks. That's what I thought. I think to keep it simple I will add some text at the bottom of the portfolio post such as:
    Search Tags: Bank, local business

    to be sure that the portfolio category will show up in the search.

    I did try a plugin - ajaxy search I think it was but it was really buggy and it didn't work well with Striking - so I deleted it very quickly. I am considering another search plugin which I need to purchase so I have asked the same question of the developer to make sure it actually works before I purchase. The issue with a plugin is that I would need to use it as a sidebar widget and I want to create a page that users go to to enter the search criteria.

    Not to worry. I'm happy with my workaround at the moment. Keep me updated if you ever decide to add this into the search function.

    Good luck with Striking R. Looking forward to the tried and tested version.
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