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  • Hi Striking Universe:


    Attached to this post is a new complex css file. Please unpack the attached zip on your local machine, and then load it by ftp into your CSS folder of Striking, overwriting your existing "screen_complex.css" file. This should resolve the errors this has been causing in respect of buttons on your site, and any other problems activation of Complex CSS in the Striking panel has been causing. We are working on a couple of other little matters related to Cufon, and some warning messages from the Anything Slider (function is not impaired but some code tweaking remains).

    Plugins working and tested include:
    • Layered Slider
    • Revolution Slider
    • Qform
    • 3cEvent Calendar
    • WP SEO
    • Nextgen Plugin is working other then nextgen code in the Anything Slider (to be resolved)
    • Login Lockdown
    • WP Show Id
    • Launchpad
    • ZenGallery
    • Woo Commerce - some testing still to be done due to extensive Woo options - feedback appreciated
    • WPML - again is a large plugin with many varied options but basic implementation seems to be fine

    We are going to be testing more, but certainly would appreciate comments in this thread on your plugins that are working. If you have a plugin not working, please send us a pm, along with your logins, and we will test when we get the time.

    Regards, Striking Team


    Striking Release Ver - Dec 19, 2012

    We apologize for the errors in the 5.1.9 series to date. Thank you just the same for your error reports - they assisted us greatly in rectifying our own folly (we call them "bugs" and you can read as "stupid mistakes").

    We have installed Striking into our demo at Themeforest for all to view in action. Through your reporting and our efforts and testing, we believe we have eliminated all the principal errors reported. As of this moment of writing, I have submitted this version to Themeforest for approval. Once I have finished these posts, I will be activating the api and will provide a confirmation in a subsequent comment of the availability of the internal update option.


    Regretfully, there are some unintended consequences for those who installed either or both of Ver 5.1.9/

    Font Panel Settings Erased - most who installed this version found that it reset everything in the Striking font panel to nil and default values, and saved these new values in the database. Thus affected users will have to redo all of their font settings.
    Navigation Menu Resets - Also those versions reverted to the default navigation menu, so your custom menu for the header and footer will be missing - you just have to go to Settings/Menu and assign your custom menus again - they are there, just not assigned.

    I am going to post the change log below, and then a separate comment for error reporting, installation for normal users, and another for Child Theme users. Child theme users should read the child comment very carefully, as Striking has a new child, and the process of updating any site when one has a child theme in place is neither as easy, or as quick as a default install, and requires more expertise.


    Here is the changelog for this version:

    Version - Dec.19th ‘12
    Fixed : Nivo slider caption issue
    Fixed : nivo hide next & pre button option issue
    Added : Hide Control Navigation option for Nivo slider
    Fixed : some cufon font issue
    Fixed: Loss of Font settings and gfont errors.
    Fixed : blog single page issue
    Fixed : portfolio single page issue
    Fixed : portfolio restrict image lightbox dimension default option issue
    Fixed : contact us widget icon issue
    Fixed: Sub Navigation issue
    Fixed: Admin update
    Fixed: Metabox display issue
    Fixed: Woo-Commerce display issue in complex css
    Fixed: Portfolio List issue
    Added: Post and Portfolio linkable settings to Slidershow Panel
    Added: Light and Dark Themes to Youtube Media Settings
    Added: some misc new settings to various sliders
    Fixed: some Javascript and CSS optimizer issues.


    Best Regards
    Striking Team
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    All core errors, or what you suspect are core errors, are to be reported in this version thread, rather then on the open forum. This concentrates the error reports in one place hopefully making it easier for everyone to track and discuss. Any code type errors reported on the forum will likely result in us asking you to cross post, and subsequent deletion of the external thread.

    A deletion sweep will be done of error reports on the forum to clean it up since all of the prior version errors were eventually crossposted by users to the sticky 5.1.9 thread.

    We have more extensively tested this version, including a few of our Striking R beta testers stepping in as well. We believe we have eradicated all the major errors reported by users. If we missed something, or did not succeed in eradicating the bug, it is not for a lack of trying (although perhaps exhaustion?!).

    If one finds a suspicious or non-conforming behavior, you should provide a url or a screenshot (a url is much preferable as it is the active scripting we really need to see in our developer tools), and if you feel it warranted, indicate in the comment that you have pm'd me (websys) with your wp and ftp admin level logins.

    We thank you to pay careful attention to the error posting guidelines as it really does make matters much more difficult to resolve quickly on your behalf when we are jumping back and forth.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team

    You would install Striking Ver in the same manner as you would install any other wordpress theme. You can install Striking by using the install theme function in your wordpress admin, or by ftp into your host setup. The Document folder contained within your download from Themeforest has a section on installation of the Striking theme.

    Go to your Themeforest account and download the Themeforest Striking package. Unzip this package so you can access its contents. You will see several files and folders. One of these is "". This is the zip file you will select when using the WP Install Theme function.

    It is a large package, so be advised that once you start the installation process, it may take up to 5 minutes for your site to upload and install it. Do not panic if it seems like it is taking a long time! If you go over 15-20 minutes, then you have a problem - in which case you can cancel and try again, or use ftp to install. If all else fails, post a comment and we will get in touch with you.


    1) A very common mistake made by new users is that they try to upload the whole zip they have downloaded from themeforest. This results in an error message upon completion of a missing style sheet, or the install fails. Following are two video links:

    Which were draft runthroughs made for a prior series of Striking. While a touch rough around the edges we believe they will help guide you on what you download from Themeforest, what you actually need to upload if using wordpress to install Striking, and how to install it using the Wordpress install theme functions.

    2) Another common installation issue is that the user receives some sort of theme installation failed due to it exceeding a certain memory size, or it just times out or goes on well past the 5 minute mark.

    In this instance, your host is likely a shared host (ie you have cheap web hosting) and there is a limit on the size of file you can upload using wordpress.

    Your options are to contact your host and ask or an increase in your php memory limit, or to install the theme by ftp.


    If for whatever reason the wp theme install function is not succeeding, one can always install Striking by use of an FTP program such as Cute FTP Pro, Filezilla, etc. This was the traditional way of installing WP themes and most other web software until early 2011, and is still the best method for certain types of situations.

    Following is a video done by me in late 2010 or early 2011. The striking version is much different then, so do not try to compare folder contents and so on as they are much different. But the methodology for ftp transfer is unchanged. This video will walk you through the process:

    Any questions on installation, please put them in the regular forum, not in this thread for code and core errors.

    Happy Striking
    Striking Team


    For existing users, here is the process depending on if you use a regular Striking installation. The Child theme will be covered in a separate post.


    1. Go to the Striking Advanced panel and scroll down to the Update Theme section which is at the bottom of the panel.
    2. If you have not previously done so, enter your Themeforest purchase code into the "Item Purchase Code" field. The purchase code is found in a License Certificate document which you obtain from the "Download" section of your Themeforest account. I have attached an image of where you find the certificate. A few lines into that document you will see "Item Purchase Code" and it will be a long string of numbers, letters and dashes. IMPORTANT, DO NOT TRY TO INSTALL THE UPDATE YET. ONLY INPUT THE LICENSE CODE AND MOVE ON TO THE NEXT STEP
    3. Click on the "Save Changes" button after inputting your license code, your panel will refresh after saving and you will see yellow bar with the notification "page saved" appearing at the top of the panel.
    4. Now click on the "Update" button, and your theme should commence the update routine.
    5. Once the update is installed, go immediately to your Striking Advanced Panel, and in the General section go to the "Clear Cache" button and trigger it to "On" and save the panel. This clears the image temp cache folder. IF YOU FAIL TO PERFORM THIS STEP, MOST OF THE IMAGERY ON YOUR SITE SUCH AS SLIDER AND PORTFOLIO FEATURES IMAGES WILL CEASE WORKING!
    6. Now go to your homepage and other site pages and check to confirm that all your images and other media are working successfully.
    7. If you are still having a problem, see the section below "After Update I Have Site Issues"

    You should now be successfully updated Striking.


    There are times when your internal update attempt will fail. The two most common reasons are:

    - a plugin or other 3rd party js is interfering with the Striking update script
    - your host has security measures in place which prevent the site from communicating with our api

    Sometimes when the above happens, it will not be obvious at all why the internal update mechanism failed. It just will not work!

    Never fear. Should you not be able to update this way, then download the nightly build, or download the whole theme again from Themeforest, and install the build or the theme by FTP. The ftp instructions, including an instructional video, are found in the comment above NEW STRIKING USER AND VER IS YOUR FIRST EVER INSTALL


    If you find that for some reason, you cannot see your slider images, or your colors are not working, then we suggest:
    • you first go to your Striking Color panel and resave it, and if that does not work, then you may have to check your Cache folder permissions.
    • go to the STRIKING ADVANCED SETTINGS make sure you have set the following toggles:
      1. Turn Use Timthumb OFF
      2. Turn Clear Cache ON
      3. Turn Combine Css OFF
      4. Turn Combine js OFF
      Then save the Advanced Panel, and then check your site.
    • One might want to check one's .htaccess file - some users have added some custom code to their .htaccess file, and this has caused problems with updates. Try temporarily removing the .htaccess file and then resaving one of the panels or pages, plus clearing the cache, to see if that restores everything. If this works, then you will have to go through your .htaccess mods item by item to determine the problem.
    • Plugins: We think by now most users understand that on occasion a plugin can interfere with a theme function. So one of the very first measures a user should undertake after an update, should they find an issue in the use of the Striking theme is to deactivate all plugins and see if that makes a difference. Please note that generally, most security plugins and askimet do not conflict with themes, so you might not need to deactivate them, unless the security plugin rewrites the .htaccess file. If so, deactivate this only as a last resort. In this circumstance, it is ok to message us as per the instruction below, without deactivating, if you are uncertain or uncomfortable about turning off the security.

    If all else fails, then please post a message on the regular forum, as installation is not typically a code related matter but usage related.

    Happy Striking
    Striking Team

    Striking Ver HAS A NEW CHILD THEME Ver 0.8. So a child user has to:

    - deactivate the child switching to the Striking default.
    - save their custom coding they have in their child to their local machine.
    - update regular striking, which they can do within their theme dashboard or by ftp
    - remove the old child theme by deleting it.
    - upload the new child by ftp and redo your changes (which you have saved before) import those changes into the new child (which you could also have done local on your pc prior to the upload by ftp)
    - clear their cache for regular striking
    - activate the child, and clear cache again
    - confirm everything working.

    The above is not the only way to update a child, and if you have your own method that works, go ahead.

    I WILL PROVIDE SOME ADDITIONAL DETAIL ON UPDATING A CHILD. Anyone who is unfamiliar with the child updating process may wish to contact us first.

    Prior to making any changes, unpack your theme forest download, and unpack the child zip, and confirm that you have version 0.8 by opening the style.css file. If you have a different version, or are missing it, send me a pm.

    We know we have many users who had sites professionally developed by a 3rd party, and a child was used, but they are unaware. So if in doubt, check with us first!

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
  • SUPER DUPER! (who has yet to clear his cache in the advance settings as I hit his site seconds after he updated successfully)

    the first 4 users to have all updated successfully via the api!

    I also came across 2 child theme users already who went astray :-/ and am thinking we may hear from them soon, but I will leave their names unpublished!

    I am tracking as users update and visiting sites plus checking out files and skins, but just about time for breakfast, which i hope you will consider earned given that it is 815pm for me.....

    Striking Team

  • And more: (you have a scripting error I think from having lost your font panel fonts and settings in the prior update - you have to reset the font you want. My apologies) (you have to reset your wp custom nav menu - its there in your menu panel but not activated, which is why your menu is all over the place at the moment - this due to the prior 5.1.9 - sorry!)

    --------------- (You have a highly customized website and i see some scripting errors on it, the front page is all an image, a landing page I am assuming or similar - i can send you the errors if you need them but your Striking was successfully updated) (you can remove the lightbox restriction now on the front page image - nice flicker and pinterest gallerys on the front page!) (Feature Header background is great! You have a scripting error in the facebook plugin from jetpack I think ) (you have a mistake in your google analytics js!)

    Me need to eat! Break time. But this is fun! :D :D :D

  • Thank you for the swift update. I'll install now. Your hard work on this is appreciated so very much!!
  • Hi, i just updated to, all seems fine except all the pages in the striking menu (general, background, color, font, etc.) are shrinking, the menu button and the explanation seems displaced from its origin. can someone help?
    Screen shot 2012-12-20 at 5.31.40 PM.png
    1280 x 800 - 183K
  • I'm still getting an...

    Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /homepages/23/d345761398/htdocs/wp-includes/formatting.php on line 1355

    Any fix for this soon? I'm kinda new to all this so please use lamens terms. LOL!
    Hi Nick
    If you continue to have difficulties, send me a pm with your wp and ftp admins, and i will take care off in about 30 seconds flat!

    Click on my name (websys) anywhere you see it in blue, and then follow the links and instructions.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
  • Hi DjNickScott,

    If you have errors when use api upgrade, you may go to try update via ftp.

    I apologize for the inconvenience. There is a small bug that it don't show the detail error when you have issues making a api upgrade. But it's fixed. So it will works for your future update after version

    Best Regards,
  • I have successfully updated the version. Everyting is going well. The portfolio post content was displayed. great!
    otherwise, be careful when you update the theme, confirm whether it is version(not 5.1.9 version). don't forget to click the "check for update" button of Striking Advanced Settings from WP admin panel.
  • Thanks for your hard work!
    It's not a main issue, but is there a chance to get my former gfont settings back? I got BackWPup-backups, but don't wanna mess around to much by myself....
    I regret to say not. If you have a backup that dates back to striking, then re institute it. I do not know the specifics of that backup plugin, so i am uncertain as to what it backups and can restore. Then you will see the option to upgrade to Striking showing up again, and you can use the internal update mechanism, and you can update.

    What happened is that striking 5.1.9 had a command in it that reset the font to default, and deleted the settings in the database. We apologize for this and the headaches it is causing you.

    alternatively, if you have the sql dump from the database, you can shoot it over to us and we can open it up and find the settings in the file and give them to you. As well, your host almost certainly has a backup, they can likely do a restore for you, and that would work just as well. You just want to get back to your config from a few days ago, and then update to the current version, and skip the mess inbetween!

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
  • All fine for me after the latest update: I can see again the single portfolio item pages.

    Thanks to the team for their response and hard work.

    Have a break and enjoy your families at xmas!
  • Thanks for the quick and hard work.. appreciated :)
  • All well updating from to with no child theme.
    Great job. And thanks for keeping us informed in these days.
  • i found one issue .. why all my font is changed .. there was cufon and stylish font enabled on my website

    now its not showing that font .. also on home page the slider showing the black shadow while i removed that and there was no shadow.

    Please help me in this regard, my website font is :(

    Picky Web Design Dubai
    Hi picky,

    i just viewed your website and the shadow is not showing. Did you resolve your problems?

    Best regards,
    Striking Team

    Hi PK
    Regrettably, almost all the users who did our first upgrade of 5.1.9 lost their cufon font settings. You will have to go to the cufon tab in fonts, and re-enable the cufon you were using.

    Our deepest apologies for this error on our part.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
  • Hello team, after installing Striking under WordPress 3.5. work the "mini-tabs" no longer.

    See here on our test page at:

    or here below:



    hi Raikit,

    Please turn off the use of complex css in the striking advanced settings. It is a bug. Thanks for reporting.

    Best regards,
    Striking Team

    Thank you!

  • First of all, great that all the errors are fixed. You must have been working around the clock!

    There is one issue that I've noticed where images don't seem to load. I've tested this on several computers running Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 and it does this with every Striking site. In Firefox the images load fine though and on computers with Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 9 there's no problem either. I've attached a screenshot of your own demo site to show you what I mean. Any ideas?

    Another small issue; I use cufon on my website and after the update it changed the copywrite text into cufon text as well. I want to use the default Tahoma font-family. For the 'Leave a reply' text above the comments I want the opposite. It's now Tahoma, but I want it to be cufon text. How can I change this?

    My website is:
    Complex CSS features are turned off.

    Small remark: I downloaded the update of Themeforest at first, but the changelog in the zip-file mentions it's updated to Is it the latest version?

    Thanks in advance!

    Update: I've included a second screenshot of IE 10, this time for my website. Besides the images, you can also see that the buttons are not working the same as in Firefox. The hover doesn't seem to work.

    Update 2: Another issue appeared. On my website, the dropdown menu doesn't work. When I hoover the toplevel-item, the submenu disappears when I try to access it. I think it has something to do with that the submenu isn't aligned with the topmenu.


    If you need any help on this can you grant me access to the admin part of your website?

    Just send me a private email with the login details to the admin.

    Click on my name and then on the left you can send me a private email.

    Please also include a link to this thread so i know what the personal mail is about.

    Best regards,
    Striking Team
    Screen IE10 2.png
    1920 x 1032 - 2M
    Screen IE10.png
    1920 x 1080 - 312K
  • I've made the update and this is much better now. I still have problems with the short code buttons. It seems like not working properly the style... Only the text can be seen and the link works, but no button around it!


    Please turn off the use of complex css in the striking advanced settings. It is a bug. Thanks for reporting.

    Best regards,
    Striking Team


    Regarding the button problem, here are the pictures about what happened:
    RADINUM 2012-12-20 10-58-22_a.png
    1760 x 953 - 88K
    Új oldal ‹ RADINUM — WordPress 2012-12-20 10-58-05.png
    1744 x 953 - 121K
  • This is another button issue on a different page. It was Ok with release yesterday, but since the new version we experienced such a problem...

    I suggest quickly redoing one of the buttons, and seeing if it fixes. It might be that the buttons were reset in the update, which is not normal behaviour (did not happen in any of our tests or live sites). Paul has advised me of the fact the complex css is not working, and you can check that this is off, but I do not know that this and your button issue are related as of yet.

    Best regards,
    Striking Team
    RADINUM 2012-12-20 11-08-55.png
    1744 x 953 - 331K

  • Hi All

    pls check that the use off the complex css class is turned off in the striking settings. We still have a issue there.

    Best regards,
    Striking Team
  • Hi All

    if menu's are missing....

    you will have to reset your wp custom nav menu - its there in your menu panel but not activated, which is why your menu is all over the place at the moment - this due to the prior 5.1.9 - sorry!

    Best regards,
    Striking Team

  • Thanks for all your hard work and efforts to make things good for your clients. I for one appreciate it and all the help you have given me. I just updated my site and things look ok. Only one simple suggestion. Could you put a SAVE CHANGES button at the top of each page rather than just the bottom?
    Happy Holidays!

    Hi Ela

    A lovely little idea, I wonder why I never thought of that! We will see what we can do.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
  • most of the update issues on our site are not happening, but during all the updates, our "Read More" buttons no longer have rounded corners, but have boxed backgrounds. (image attached)

    Thanks for all you do!

    Hi Michael

    Please go to your Striking Blog Panel/Read More Tab, and toggle on "Display as Button" and that should resolve the matter. Can you confirm to me that before the update of Striking they were buttons, and after the button setting was removed?

    Best Regards
    Striking Team

    James... Thanks for the reply. I toggled the option as directed, it did not correct the issue. To answer your question, yes you are correct. The buttons were correct (rounded without the boxed background) before the updates. (I attached a closeup of the issue)
    Hi Michael
    Please click on my name and send me a pm with your wp and ftp admins, and I will scope matters out. I am 100% on fixes today so far, namely due to they all being usage related not theme related, and am hoping you are not going to break my record!

    700 x 493 - 164K
    338 x 152 - 9K
  • I can only reiterate what the others have said before: great work from you all! It's much appreciated.

    I am having the same issue as indraperkasa that all the pages in the Striking Menu are mis-aligned and wacky (which is the technical term I giving it). Complex css is switched off. Any ideas?

    Many thanks
    Hi skyafrica

    Please click on my name and send me your wp and ftp admins, i wish to poke around and see what happened here. But, before I do, try this please - when you are on the page press Cntrl + F5 at the same time, and see if it resolves the problem.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
    Screen Shot 2012-12-20 at 1.38.15 PM.png
    580 x 579 - 80K
  • Thank you for the latest release!

    I am experiencing the same issue as skyafrica.

    Within wordpress the striking setting menus are not showing correct. Prior to the update they showed as tabs on the left hand side for quick toggles. After the update, the tabs are simply text at the top of the page and everything is left justified.

    Any suggestions?

    Hi Adam

    See my reply to skyafrica. Try what I suggested, and if it does not work, send me your logins so I may have some fun! ;)

    Best Regards
    Striking Team

    Hi James,

    Refreshing the page worked. Thanks again!

  • Hello -

    I'm experiencing some strange formatting and broken link issues in the admin since the update. Please see attached. Perhaps I did something wrong? Currently running Version

    Thanks for your hard work making a great theme even better.


    [EDIT: This problem only occurs in Chrome, not FireFox.]

    [EDIT 2: Cleared cache, problem fixed. Duh.]
    623 x 599 - 22K
    600 x 385 - 22K
  • I just realised the when I use Firefox the layout in the Striking menu is perfect. I was having the issues in Chrome, and clearing the cache didn't help.

    FYI, I'm a Mac user, and it seems to be working fine in Safari as well.

    James, let me know if you would still like access to my wp and ftp admins

    Thank you!
  • Hi

    I've been battling all afternoon with fontface and gfonts while using the new child theme. I can't, for the life of me, understand why it doesn't work. Tried resetting the fonts, font sizes, colors, etc. No joy. No matter the values, fonts, etc., fontface and gfonts don't work. Cufon does, do. Can't figure this one out.

    As soon as I select Striking instead of Striking child, everything works as it should.

    Anyone experienced this?

    BTW, I updated straight from to and everything went smoothly except the fraking fonts...

    Hi Cris!
    See, we put you to work not only beta testing, but creating problems just for you! Over the next 24 hrs we will take a look at the child interaction with fontface and gfonts, not sure what the issue is at this sec, and cannot yet have a hard look at it.

    I have not even had time to dream about Striking R these last 4 days....

    Best Regards
    Striking Team

    Hi James!
    I gotta have an exclusive problem! ;)
    I'm still trying to figure this one out. I'm testing under several Windows/Linux/browser/browser revs combinations. Still, no cigar for me!

    Anyway, you guys need to sleep.

    Those (lost??) 4 days you're talking about are worth it! Striking users are now acquainted with a small taste of the new Striking R and will better understand the upcoming update.

    Now, back to beta testing!

  • @ skyafrica Clear the cache in in crome and in the theme and crome goes back to normal, worked for me!
    I am a big fan of users who can read! Thanks! :D
    Best Regards
  • Cheers for that Dunckley_Design. Was only clearing the wp cache. All sorted now :)
    Actually I think cheers for me ;) since I advised users above to do it, but cheers for him that he picked up on it and pointed it out to you. :D

    Best Regards
    Striking Team


    Fair enough! :) But in my defence, I think it has less to do with my reading abilities and more to do with the fact that I don't use windows, and no amount of pressing ctrl F5 helped
  • Just found a minor glitch on the regular Striking theme. On the blog when you have a Read More button the button isn't displaying properly, it displays as a box with reversed out text. Not a big deal. Here is a link


    Can you goto the striking advanced settings and check if the complex css class is turned off?

    after that goto your striking blog settings and check the button settings for the blog list page.

    Best regards,
    Striking Team

  • Good call Paul, that resolved the issue. The entire Striking Team has done a great job of supporting the theme. Best support of any theme I have used!
  • Hi,
    today I updated my wordpress and striking theme to the newest releases. (There was one striking update before I did not update). Everything went fine but now I have a huge problem: The whole font looks bold now and not thin and classy like before! Whats wrong? I am looking forward for your help.
    before and how it should be:

    Please help me, even in the sub-menus and on headlines on pages the font is more bold than is not the striking "thin grey" anymore...
    It should look normal thin like on your striking demo page! It was like that BEFORE the update!
    thank you!
    Hi J

    If you updated to the only remaining font issue we are aware has to do with some of the cufon fonts, which are getting older and older, and working less and less well with modern js architecture. So I would like to determine what is going on. Can you please send me your wp admins via a pm (click on my name to send me a personal message) so I can log in and take a look? I suspect you are using Cufon, and Cufon was great when Striking as first launched, but it may be time for users to start thinking about moving away from it, unless they can find a modern cufon font certified for current browsers.

    Best regards,
    Striking Team
  • Hello There!

    Do you have any idea how I can solve this button issue? I've turned off the complex css function which results only a grey huge button. If it is turned on I only have text without a real button and nothing more. This is still very sad... Waiting for the solution…
    Hi Radi

    Cheer up Radi, button matters can always be resolved, it's not even been a day yet! Please shoot me over your admins via a pm, and I will log in and take a look. If there is an issue with them, we will fix them, like everything else!

    Best regards,
    Striking Team

    Well, after installing the new css fix package, it seems ok!

    A big THY for all! :)
  • Hi,

    I use the Accordion slider for my homepage and the details used to fade in by themselves without hovering the mouse over the slides. Since I've updated Striking, the details no longer automatically show up unless I hover the cursor over a slide. I've tried resetting the slider settings, but it doesn't work.

    Here's the address:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    Hi Emalapee

    Not an error, but a setting. Go to your Striking Slideshow Panel, the Accordion Settings. Surf down to the Title Setting. You will find it is in the "Off Position". Toggle it to "On". This setting turns on and off the automatic display of the slider post title. When on, it shows up automatically. When off, it only shows up on hover over the slide.

    Best regards,
    Striking Team

    Hi James,

    Toggling the title setting to on does makes the title show up all the time, but it doesn't fade in and fade out between slides, nor do the details show up without hovering the cursor over a slide. Maybe it was a glitch in the previous version I had, but I assure you, I could see the slides without any title or details, and then with autoplay on, the slides would "slide in" and then the title with the details would fade in and fade out before the next slide would come in.

    Thank you very much for your quick reply and happy holidays!

  • Howdy,

    Got a weird issue happening FF...a frame/shadow appearing

    Hi Mike, long time no talk!

    I am not quite sure what I should be looking at in that photo. Forgive me. Is there a url so i can also code inspect? And what ecommerce cart? We have a little woo thingy we have to clean up yet with this release.

    Best regards,
    Striking Team
    921 x 868 - 95K
  • BTW, what did Microsoft do to IE10, I can't even get the home page slider to load....or is this a windows 8 thing....I know, I know...the few and the brave (or silly) :)

    We have done no compatibility testing with IE10 yet. But try running it in compatibility mode (if it has one) to see what happens. Let me know the result. None of us have a windows 8 machine yet.

    Best regards,
    Striking Team
  • It appears that in FF17 the drop shadow (guessing) has drifted. - it's the same on all pages (you can see it below the slider on the home page, but there is a similar effect on every page in the site).
    Hi Mike!

    I inspected your site with FF, Chrome, Opera, Safari and IE with WinXp 32 and Win7 64. They all render your site perfectly.

    I can't test now with Linux.


    Hi Mike,

    Its a FF issue which we cant fix and which firefox needs to fix. You can read more here.

    Thank you Cris for your reply and support!!!

    Best regards,
    Striking Team

    drop shadow issue.jpg
    1203 x 934 - 180K
  • Oh, meant to say, Merry Christmas all, and thanks James to you and your crew for the hard work.

  • Yeah, same-same in IE10 (compatibility on/off) doesn't seem to mattter on Windows 8 Pro 64bit machine. (re. slider not loading, continual loading/buffering circle)
    Also, pics in IE10 tend not to resolve from time to time (has anyone else had this issue).
    Yes, have woocommerce on all my sites - I now have a colliding Paypal and Checkout button issue (but not a biggy). There appears to be now a small delay when you click "add to cart" that I didn't see before (not sure if that's the issue you were referring to).

  • ronaldjan said:

    Small remark: I downloaded the update of Themeforest at first, but the changelog in the zip-file mentions it's updated to Is it the latest version?

    This is true, why does Themeforest Styles.CSS and Changelog read Please advise, as I've postponed my updates to early am tomorrow morning. I've downloaded the full theme files from Themeforest and made my customization updates. I started with 5.1.9, and see you've update 2 versions since. I had already made my customization updates to 5.1.9. What a mess. Thanks.

    Hi, the style.css file was not replaced - we were doing a lot of file swaps and such at the end to get out the door (Lin, Paul and I had been up for almost 48 hrs with little rest) and we just mixed up a style file.

    We are doing a small release shortly, fix for the complex css matter, which was just a little tweak necessary, plus a couple of other little fixes. If you look through all the comments above, the only major issue was that, the rest are users not understanding their browser caching, or how to deal with the child theme they forgot they had, etc.

    We have some minor shadowing stuff in IE ten, but that will be for another day. We will try to fix for Striking 5.2. These releases we have been doing were just to originally bring Striking up to date on latest jquery, quicksand, slider scripts, and compatibility with WP 3.5, plus introduce users to some aspects of the new interface.

    I have just posted an update in this thread header, and it includes a replacement Complex css file.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team

  • Please see changes to the head post of this thread. A new replacement file is available for the screen_complex.css file found in the CSS folder of Striking. The addition to the head post explains in more detail, plus has some notes on plugins we have tested to date.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
  • Used in auto-patch option in the admin area (on 12/20--can't offer the exact build; whatever it was yesterday) and got this:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function theme_get_option() in
    "/wp-content/themes/striking/framework/admin/options/theme_gfont.php on line 732"

    I compared the file cited in the error with an older version and that line looked identical. Clearly the issue was with something the command was "looking" for.

    I was entirely locked out and had to restore from a backup. (whew!)

    Striking Version in place when attempting to upgrade:
    I didn't attempt to upgrade new Child (using 0.7.0) as only after the error did I investigate specifics. I only saw the headline that it was OK to upgrade.

    I'm not using anything but (about 7) "mainstream" plugins.

    Hi Ferg,

    i think the child theme was not updated in the auto update function.

    If you download the latest striking from themeforest install that plus the child theme which is in there (if you use that) it will work. However follow the instructsion as provided in the first thread in this forum on the how to update the child theme.

    You cant run strikimng 5.1.9.x with childtheme version 0.70 that does not work.

    Best regards,
    Striking Team

    Hi Ferg

    If I am reading correctly, you went and updated Striking, but were in fact running a child. And the error above is the result. Big NO NO. I say right in the specific instructions at the top of this theme that the methodology for a site with a child is completely different then a normal site. Another user did exactly what you did last night at midnight my time, and it completely took down his sit, and it was 2am before I got him restored. He did at least post a nice review at Themeforest in thanks.

    You have to switch from the child to the parent deactivating the child. First Step!
    Then you can update the main theme. But you cannot reactivate the old child. You have to delete it! Otherwise its like connecting the positive to the negative when trying to jumpstart the car - all you do is blow up the engine, which is what happened to you....

    And all child users know, or should know given that they are using a child - child themes are always specifically matched to a version of the parent theme. One cannot mix and match at will.

    There was no theme error here, only a usage error, which regretfully, many child users have made. I say again to all child theme users - they are for knowledgeable designers and expert users who understand all the nuances of a child. If you just have custom css, they are not necessary in 99% of all situations.

    I am glad you got your site back up Ferg.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
  • Thx for the update.
    Everything was fine, except that the sub-menu is no more working.
    I've cleared the browser cache + striking cache. No way.
    And strangly I dont have any JS error in the console.

    In the admin panel, I've also this strange misplacing texte, I try to empty the cache in the browsers and doesnt work.

    Any idea for the menu and submenu why it's no more working?

    Regards, Dom

    Hi Dom
    Can you be more specific, maybe attach an image to this post showing what is not working? I went to your site and the drop down menus were working fine. But, be advised that per the notes in the 5.1.9 release, the navigation script has changed, so you may have to make some adjustments to your custom css.

    As well, you have a lot of plugins running! And some are not wp 3.5 compatible and are throwing out jquery errors that can play havoc with theme elements. I cannot say that anyone of these is the cause, but with everything you have running, there is plenty of opportunity for conflict. I did attach a snap of some errors that were evident.

    I think the issue is not the theme but some of your other elements.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team

    1271 x 615 - 424K
  • Hi guys!
    I have to agree with the ones saying you are giving a wonderful support to us all.
    The new tabbed admin panel is very straightforward and time saving compared to long and filled pages to scroll.

    However I suppose I found a bug of some sort in the portfolio.
    Briefly: I have a sortable portfolio 4 columns which worked ok since Today I updated to and 0.8 child without any problems but when I changed the hover effect of portfolio thumbs from Icon to Grayscale the images are not showing correctly or misplaced or glitching. I used Safari or FF but they behaved the same.

    The address is this one

    Thanks everybody
    and happy holidays

    Hi Nico
    Thank you, we are trying.
    I see the js errors. If you can please leave this up, and also send me your wp and ftp admins by pm (click on my name).

    Best Regards
    Striking Team

  • Hi Thx. I test the site on Chrome + IE9 and the dropdown menu is not working. In FF, yes it works. But I've still the same issue as this:

    I try to clear the cache, etc... no way.

    For the plugin which make problem, I just install your update, not the 3.5 WP version. I'm still on last one. The plugin was working perfectly before. I can reproduce it if I reupload the old Striking theme version.

    The wall/grid plugin is written as compatible with 3.5:

    What can I do?

    Although a plugin says it is wp 3.5. compatible does not mean that it works with a premium theme like striking. Even if it did before in a earlier version.

    I wonder does the plugin work with the default theme and wp 3.5? Anyway you could try to contact the plugin builder and submit your problem to him about the interference of the plugin.

    About the cufon menu hover issue we are looking at some issues with that and try to fix those.

    Best regards,
    Striking Team

    Thx for your work and advise.
    I just install a fresh version 3.5 with the default theme and the wall/grid plugin I use on the Les Tours blog. No problem:

    Do you have some errors? Difficult for me to contact the developper of wall/grid if everything is fine on the default theme with no interference.

    My next step will be to install a fresh install of striking and see if this interfer again.
    IN waiting, I've set back the old theme... sadly...
    I just install the theme on a it now and everything is fine.
    It is possible that my conflict on the other blog (les-tours) are because I'm NOT on WP 3.5, but with your new theme?

    I think to install a fresh new version (no update) of striking with a new name, and then compare between the 2 versions. Possible?
    Hi Dom
    In your original post you never did specify that it was the Striking Panel that was looking odd.

    Had you done so, and also reviewed some of the previous comments in this thread, you would have discovered that your visibility issue had nothing to do with Striking. What you needed to do was clear your local cache in your browser!

    If you have still a matter of a plugin not working, that should not be posted here, but in the regular forum. This thread is for matters related solely to the working of Striking, with WP 3.5. Anything else, such as a plugin matter, should be on the forum, and the thread should be put in the 3rd party plugin category.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
  • Hi,

    I've installed the newest theme and updated wordpress. My sub navigation menus are not showing up at all. Only top level pages and drop downs are not working. Any help would be appreciated!! Website is: Thank you in advance!


    Add: And the issue seems to be only internet exporer. Working in Chrome and Safari...

    Hi Margo
    I attached a screenshot - they show up, nor do i see any initial scripting errors. Did you remember to clear your browser cache!

    Please advise.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
    1279 x 715 - 203K
    1298 x 732 - 210K
  • I am having an issue with admin panel. I installed the css update file, but when I try to click to upload background files and such I can't select them, buttons are dead. This was in FF, went to try in Chrome and dashboard is jacked. See file

    When you say you uploaded it, do you mean by FTP? And where did you stash it? It appears to me you are experiencing a basic css display error as an incorrect css file is being read.

    I think better that you shoot me over your wp and ftp logins and I will fix, rather then your guesstimating what you need to do. Should be two seconds work to fix......

    I deleted your other comment as my gut check is all are related.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team

    I am thinking you must have fixed your matter as I did log in, using both FF and chrome, everything was fine, and as you can see, i loaded backgrounds and slides, with everything working perfectly.

    Do you need the child in place? Are you doing any custom php? Otherwise I would just suggest skipping it. You can put 10000 line of custom css in the custom css field in the Striking General Panel.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
    2012-12-22 12.34.12 pm.png
    1665 x 1070 - 152K
    1246 x 709 - 464K
    1277 x 687 - 359K
  • Given the various issues users have reported, would I be better off waiting for Striking R to be released and then update from

    Is 5.19.3 required to upgrade to Striking R?

    Everything is working fine now and I don't want to potentially cause any issues.

    Well, Striking R will not be an "update" but in fact you will install it as a new theme, and activate it. And several things will have to be reset after one switches.

    Striking is not plagued with the plethora of errors of 5.1.9/ There are some niggly issues, and if one is running Woo Commerce then one should also install the replacement css file attached to the lead post. But if you look at each of the last several comments preceding yours, many are in fact not Striking related. You do have to go about matters differently if one has a child, and you also have to understand browser behavior such as local caching, also site caching if one is running a caching plugin, and that WP 3.5 uses jquery 1.83 which many plugins are not yet compatible, and the list goes on.....

    We have a cufon matter outstanding, so if you use cufon, switch. I am sure there are some other little things, but the Striking demo at TF is running as are our test beds, and no earth shattering issues are occurring.

    Striking is fine with WP 3.5, the major issue simply being accordion slider captions not working, so if you want to stay put for a couple more days until we knock all the remaining problems out with then that is certainly fine as well.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
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