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font issue after the theme update
  • Hi,

    after the update, I noticed the font for menus and stuff changed... I went in the menus to see what happened (nice and clean new interface btw :) and now, I get all kind of weird behaviors... not only the font change I do isnt being reflected on site in "real time" like its used to be but now, I have different font depending which page you see !?!

    sections : Accueil, Biographie & Photos have a different font than Musique, Videos & Contact !?

    Also, the new font interface isn't working well in chrome, I had to use Firefox to see the font preview

    please help
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  • not only a font change isnt getting applied accross all the pages like it should but I noticed the mouse over color change on menu isnt working...
  • ok take 3, after resetting to default all font, cufont, google font through the advanced menu, I've been able tto set the site with the cufont ChunkFive, it worked except my hover menu are broekn, the mouse over effect has glitches...
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