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slider image size
  • I would like to size my images correctly rather than subject them to the whim of whatever function is cropping them when adding a slider item. (Found no entry here using title as search)

    Would also like to know the standard widths for images in blog posts and pages with and without sidebars, etc.
    Isn't this standard info? Surprised not to find it in the documentation (even though that is scant.)

    I thank you
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  • Hi Niks:

    The dimensions of the Slider if using the Slider in the Homepage slider or Feature Header on any page are 960px width by whatever height you set for that Slider in the Striking Slider Control panel.

    The dimensions for the Nivo or Anything Slider if using the Slider Shortcode are whatever width x height you set, since you can vary both attributes in the shortcode settings.

    As well, if you search the following in google:

    kaptinlin support slider width in feature header

    the first result is a post with an answer by me, and the second ends with a very detailed post by me as well, both on the topic.

    BTW, although our documentation certainly has many flaws, it is in fact much longer then the standard set for most Themeforest themes. We will be making huge improvements to the online help fields for the next update and sliders are more thoroughly covered in that help.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
  • Thank you James,
    I appreciate your response and will carry out that search to find my answer, though all I still need is the widths to set images for posts and pages with and without sidebars, as stated.
    Of course it would be easier just to look it up in the documentation than register and do the forum shuffle - with respect, seriously, what's the point if I have to dream up an obscure search string outside of the forum. In my experience, I have used far more extensive and helpful documentation in other less than premium themes (particularly those formatted as either live or contained HTML files)
    Nevertheless, I remain grateful for your time and support here - thanks again.
  • Hi Niks

    Strangely enough, when Striking was first introduced, our documentation actually set a new standard at TF. The numerous pace of updates had it falling further and further behind. We adopted a model of supporting via the forum given the rapid update pace, but the forum search broke as it was never intended to support a forum as busy as this one (hence a new forum is in the process of rollout). The forthcoming update sees help fields with far more info, plus a video series rollout as well.

    A chart is a good idea, and we will task that for the update. If you are just starting out on your project, be advised the responsive release is just around the corner - I am going to look at adding some charts for image sizes in it.

    I will ask Paul to do up a nice little chart in the interim, and see if he can post something tomorrow.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
  • thank you - appreciate the input
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