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Scrollbar appearing & disappearing (flickering) when using the sticky footer on a short page
  • I’ve just installed striking and there is an issue with the right scrollbar appearing and disappearing on pages that are not as long as the screen resolution and have the sticky footer in place!

    I’ve just got this theme and have only turned on sticky footer but already have a bug!! please can anybody offer up some solutions.

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    ///// you post at Striking support forum, including your url and we help. /////

    I'm not sure it is a screen resolution issue in my browser as since then I have checked the website on 3 different PC's and on each tried the latest versions of firefox, IE, opera, Chrome & sfari...! while working on Internet Explorer the issue is still happening on all the others. I have also found out that when you shrink the height of the browser window the scrollbar apppears permentantly but as soon as it exceeds the height of the content the issue returns. Now on most Pc's this is not an issue but on large resolutions when the page height is less than the screen height it is a massive pain.

    the website is still very much in development but here is one page:

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  • Hi

    This is something we cannot fix right now. We will look into this and get back to you.

    Pls turn off the sticky footer script and turn on the subfooter in the footer settings. You can set a page min-height by css to meet your screen size to accomplish the same size. Adjust the 500px to your screen value once the footer area is filled with content to get some around the screensize.

    #page .inner {min-height:500px;}

    Please put this custom css code into the custom css field of the striking general settings.

    Best regards,
    Striking Team
  • Thank you for your fast response. I'll do what you suggest but when you have a permanent fix can you please let me know as resolutions are only getting larger!!


  • Hi ian,

    Of course we will let you know this.

    Best regards, BackuPs