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Pre-Purchase question for Striking theme.
  • Hi

    I currently own the Symplex theme but find it isn't as comprehensive as the Striking theme. I intend to purchase the Striking theme in the next couple of days but I have a couple of questions first.

    Will the new update have layerslider in it?

    If not is there a way to get it to work?

    Also if I buy the current Striking theme now will the upgrade to the responsive theme be free or will it be treated as a separate theme also if it is a free update then will it be a straight forward update or will the site have to be redone.

    I am due to take the next 2 days (Sat & Sun GMT) off work to make a start on my new site but obviously don't want to if I have to redo it when the responsive theme comes out.

    Many thanks and looking forward to the update. Have been sitting on the fence for weeks now wondering if to buy now or to wait.
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  • Hi Chris

    The Striking Responsive version being prepared has the chop slider in it as one of the new sliders. The chop slider and the layer slider are competitors to each other.

    In respect of will it be free? That in fact is why we have been tempering some questions with the response "has to be approved by Themeforest". In fact our next update has two themes in it, a non-responsive version of Striking, and what is really a new coded theme, which we are calling "Striking Responsive". But will Themeforest approve this we do not know!

    The transition for a new site user is nothing, as they will be able to export and import settings and most work fine, and just have to copy and paste some content - we are not quite finished yet and the verdict is out on whether we can work things so a user just does an ftp overwrite or auto update.

    But the reason we are tracking a dual release is

    a) many users employ a very wide variety of non-responsive plugins which, fyi, break responsive themes on every page they are employed - most plugins are not yet responsive.
    b) many established Striking sites employ a lot of custom css - almost all of which would need to be redone since the old Striking was a 980 px fixed framework working on the basis of px, and Striking Responsive uses %, so the custom css is no longer applicable.
    c) many users have large established sites, and may be unwilling to take the chance on updating and breaking their site.

    so we understood right away that we would have to work on a solution that would accommodate all our loyal customers - we were not prepared to just abandon them as is usually the case.

    The next Striking Non-Responsive version will have several updates and improvements to address mobile compatibility.

    We are also working with another group on a new super theme release that internally, we call "striking x 10" which will not be sold via TF, and will cost more as it is completely new from the ground up in every respect. It will have a huge number of features and abilities not possible for a TF release (the marketplace has restrictions) and should we succeed in what we are working on (and it is already over 50% done), likely be the most advanced wp product in the world. All striking users will be able to purchase at a discount, and we also hope to create a script for it to port settings, where there is a like or similar setting to port (ex, carry over header color, or font choice, etc)

    That is about of what comes to mind on based on 5 hrs of sleep, lol. Hope it helps.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
  • Hi

    Here is something I wrote over at Themeforest in response to another potential buyer's question, and am copying over verbatim:


    Once you have purchased, all subsequent updates of a theme are free, that is the licensing model on Themeforest.

    The current version of Striking -> which is non-responsive (although it is mobile device compatible with most mobile devices – that is different then responsive if you did not know), will be compatible with the update of the non-responsive version of Striking.

    However, moving over to the responsive version (if approved as part of the update) is different. This is because you are going from a set site in a fixed framework to a fluid framework where all the css for width is based on percentages, not pixels. So that transition is not all that easy. Particularly if a) one has lots of custom css that is framework dependent and/or b) one makes use of plugins that are non-responsive, which is the case with 95% of all plugins at this time. A non responsive plugin breaks the responsiveness on each page it operates. The lack of understanding of this has bedeviled a lot of wordpress users – i can see it in comments in the threads for many themes, and in some cases the developers don’t even know or recognize this issue themselves, depending on their level of experience.

    To provide a truly responsive version, we have all new responsive sliders, and a completely new lightbox script, amongst other changes, in order to provide true responsive operation. Part of what we are working on is some custom scripts to assist users in transitioning from one to the other. Custom scripts mean developing new code from scratch, with no guarantee of success, btw. All of it adds to the time, and sometimes the timeframes become nebulous….

    Hope this info helps.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team

    Not sure if the above adds anything to the first post above by me, but just in case....
  • Hi James,

    Many thanks for the reply.

    I am still a little bit confused. What I need to clarify is that if I go ahead tomorrow and spend $50 on the current Striking theme and then the new responsive theme is released, do I have to purchase the responsive theme if I want a responsive version of the site or is the responsive theme classed as an update, ie for example?

    My concerns, as a beginner to WP, is that I spend all weekend developing a site that I then have to redo once I get the responsive version.

    I hope you can understand what I mean and I am sure a lot of other people may have a similar question in mind.

    Kind Regards

  • Also I notice the with the Chop Slider that you can't have the words coming in from various positions like the Layer Slider, you are restricted to effects covering just 1 image. I notice the MoOver slider does what I need and was wondering if this was included or again, if not, can it be made to work pretty easily?
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