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Adding info at top right of homepage?
  • I own a local service company and am looking for a way to enter text into the top right of the homepage! Any help would be great, thanks so much.

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  • Hi Rivet0r!

    I love the play on words with your pen name btw.

    Well, you are in luck, Striking has a header widget area, which can be configured to support WPML flags, hold widgets, or you can code html as you desire, into it.

    Go to your Striking General Panel, and in the first section: Header General, the last two settings are for the header widget area. if you set it to widget, then you would go to your widgets page (Appearence/Widgets in the WP menu sidebar), and you will see a new widget area called "Header Widget Area) in which you can place widgets. Even more flexibility is gained with the html option, although you will obviously need to know some html to utilize that option. BTW, there are many forum threads on applicable use and customizing content placed into this area.

    I attached a small snapshot of the header widget area set in html mode with some of the code that is input into it for our forthcoming updated which will be released about the end of this month.

    Happy Striking
    Striking Team
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  • I totally forgot I posted this, thank you so much I'll give it a shot!
  • Great.

    I will close this thread as your question has been answered. Should you have usage questions, please post separately. This thead, on a topic asked before and already in the forum, will be deleted in the near future.

    Happy Striking
    Striking Team
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