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Setting a custom slider width - Usage How-to
  • Hello---

    Is it possible to adjust the width of a specific slider on a specific page?

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  • Hi Frank

    You could try to use slider shortcode in the feature header custom text area and set that area to be displayed in that page. And then it will work.

    There are loads of threads about this. Please try to google for

    kaptinlin support

    Best regards,
    Striking Team
  • Fantastic Paul --- will give that a look for sure.

    Best and thanks.
  • Paul ---

    Did some serious googling. The one post that would have done the trick seems to have been deleted. I am using the Anything Slider, and again my objective is to simply make it less wide. Could you kindly send a link (or links) to a post that you think may address this. Very much appreciate your help on this.

  • Hi Frank

    kaptinlin support slider shortcode feature header custom text area

    anyway. create a slider by the shortcode generator in the page. Once done and the slider is ok copy that text to the feature header custom text area below the editor. Now set that text area to be the area to display in the feature header in the options below the editor.

    There is nothing more todo te create what you want.

    Best regards,
    Striking Team
  • Thanks Paul,

    My ultimate goal here is to 1) shrink the slider and 2) utilize a Custom Sidebar on the Right Side.

    Am able to shrink the slider using the short code, but it doesn't seem to alllow me to place a right hand sidebar.

    On the feature header type, I am electing "custom text and SlideShow". On the page attributes, I am using "Right Sidebar".

    Sorry for the convoluted question..... Might just wait until we light this thing up, which may make the question for you more directly observable.

    Thanks again. I love the template --- this is one of the last remaining things I need to fix before this thing is 100% perfect.

  • Hi

    You are not on the right track here, and i think did not grasp what Paul wrote.

    a) Set the Feature Header Type set to "Custom Text" via the radio buttons. To enable a custom width slider, one takes a shortcode for the slider desired with the width and height settings one desires, and posts it into the Feature Header Custom Text field,

    b) to enable a right sidebar area to have some text, html, etc, simply place some layout or column shortcodes into the custom text field, for example use the two thirds and one third column layout shortcodes, and place the slideshow into the two thirds, and the content you want for the sidebar area, into the one third. Or you can use 3/5ths, and 2/5ths, or 3/4 and 1/4. The look is up to you.

    c) the feature header custom text area is exactly like the wp main content editor, so the best option is to build what you want in the main editor, and then just cut and paste it into the feature header custom text field. So build your content, and then move it.

    d) Since you are now editing the custom text field exactly as you would be the main wp editor area, if you want a title above it, simply place an h tag with the content in it prior to the shortcodes for the columns. And use the align attribute to center align left or right.

    With the above method, you can create both a slider, and a sidebar content area, of any width up to the max width of 960px. As I said above, the Feature Header Custom Text area is simply another editor box, and behaves like the wp editor box above it.

    Just a note that cufon fonts do cause a problem if you try to set the first column to be content, as cufon inserts padding that causes the 2nd column to shift down slightly. Its an issue with cufon js, and so we recommend that if you want to use the custom features of the feature header area, switch away from cufon to fontface for your theme custom font.

    Remember that and you will accomplish exactly what you want. I also posted an image to assist you.

    Happy Striking
    Striking Team
    852 x 483 - 135K
  • James,

    You guys are really amazing. Too bad there can't be more than 5 stars. I'll give this a go, and will let you know how this goes for me.

    Appreciate your help with an absolute WP newbie.

    All the best,
  • Hi Frank

    Glad we could help. If you feel strongly about the theme abilities, we always welcome it when users go to the Striking page at Themeforest, and make some comments about the theme abilities, in particular. Potential buyers pay close attention to the feedback from existing users, and even if you have commented before, it was likely many pages ago in the striking comments section (which is now 170 pgs long) and so new comments are always appreciated, especially when positive! also give it a star rating if you have not done so already - may I suggest 5 stars!

    Happy Striking
    Striking Team
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