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Strange performance problems with custom menus in footer
  • Greetings,

    I have a six column panel footer and have a custom menu widget in each footer widget panel. My site slows down significantly when the footer is enabled. If I disable the footer or remove the custom menu widgets in runs fine.

    Is there a way to accomplish a similar six column footer as menus, but maybe defined as a single footer menu? I am suspecting that its the six separate custom menus that lags the system, not the fact that I have so many footer menu items displayed.

    Is there any known issues with many custom menu widgets displayed on a page, like in my footer example, that slows down Striking?
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  • As a test I changed out the six custom menu widgets with just six text widgets with a bunch of links, acting like the custom menus, and the pages load super-quick.

    So its something to do with using many custom menus in the footer?
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