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Anything Slider and Cufon glitch in IE7/8
  • First of all - fantastic theme, this is my second implementation to date and all going reasonably smoothly.

    However, for the home page I'm using the Anything Slider and Cufon for the headers. Nothing fancy - just some HTML containing H2 for the headers, text and Striking button.

    However, as the slider progresses and returns back to the first slide, the cufon header text is replaced with boxes for a moment before being corrected a split second after the animation is complete. This only occurs:

    - In IE 8 (FF/Chrome works fine)
    - Only if you let it return to the first slide
    - Not if you click back to the first slide

    Please see attached screenshot. I've tried changing different animation settings but no luck.

    It's not a massive problem functionally, but it does very much catch the eye - especially being the home page.

    Any ideas would be appreciated. Apologies if this has been disussed before.
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