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Portfolio Items Won't display horizontal line in Firefox (fine in IE and chrome)
  • I'm using shortcode to display my portfolio. I want the portfolio items to line up like
    [item A][item B][item C]

    but on firefox the last item will always end up a new line, like
    [item A][item B]
    [item C]

    The best way I can come up with to fix it is to add a final "dummy item" at the end of the list so that at least all the items I want will end up on one line.

    My website is www(dot)lrccoins(dot)com
    The portfolio I''m talking about is on the front page.

    I tried adding this css to the header but didn't help:

    display:inline-block !important;

    Forgive me if this issue is already covered somewhere :/

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  • Did you set the columns in the portfolio shortcode?

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