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Issues when Updating - Likely CDN related...Need help
  • I recently updated my Striking theme. Most everything is working well, but all of the images in the various portfolios we have set up are not showing up. There is also some issues with the Nivo Slider. We recently began using Amazon S3 CDN with W3 Total Cache. I have submitted a request with them but figured I would see if it is a theme issue as well. You can find the site at
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  • I should note that I did create a backup before I updated the Theme
  • hi swballard,

    goto to the striking advanced settings. disable timthumb and enable clear cache. now save the settings.

    if that does not bring back the images then enable timthumb again and save the settings again. But in most cases the first save will solve your problems.

    Best regards,
  • I am trying to run the Clear Cache and it seems to just be stalling. I am going to continue to let it run, but it has been running for a couple minute now. Any tips for getting it to actually run?
  • hi swballard,

    If you need any help on this can you grant me access to the admin part of your website?

    Just send me a private email with the login details to the admin.

    Click on my name and then on the left you can send me a private email.

    Please also include a link to this thread so i know what the personal mail is about.

    Best regards,
  • if you have time. take a look at the site now. it seems that things are beginning to even out. would love your thoughts on it. it's still moving really slow, but images are starting to come in.
  • My issues are still not fixed, but as far as I can tell it is likely a caching problem. I was also wondering if the timthumb would override the CDN?
    Still looking for some answers and support. Thanks.
  • I just looked and it is loading lightning fast now at my pc.

    Is timthumb on on your site? I thought you had turned it off.

    in the latest version of striking you do not need timthumb anymore. It can be turned off.

    Best regards,
  • Hi,

    The timthumb image don't support CDN.

    I just help you disable it. (You can also go to striking->advance options page to do it).

    You can try it again.

    If the issue stills, please let me know.

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