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Image counter in lightbox displays wrong # of images
  • I have two galleries 1)people with 12 images and 2)sports with 13 images. When I click on the people gallery the lightbox opens the first with an image counter 1of 25, and when I click on the sports gallery it opens with 13 of 25. Both are incorrect. The people gallery counter should say 1of 12 and the sports gallery counter should say 1of 13. Each counter should only display the number of images from the active gallery and not use totals.
    Am I missing something or is this a bug?
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  • hi mmotif701,

    If you need any help on this can you grant me access to the admin part of your website?

    Just send me a private email with the login details to the admin.

    Click on my name and then on the left you can send me a private email.

    Please also include a link to this thread so i know what the personal mail is about.

    Best regards,
  • Hi
    add group="false" to portfolio shortcode code will works.

    [portfolio column="3" cat="people,sports" group="false"]

  • Hi, I have the same problem - as in, I'm adding multiple galleries to a portfolio - but each gallery contains every image from all of them... despite beginning on the correct image (gallery 2 at image no. 9)

    I am sure I need to add the short code for group=false, I'm just not sure where to put it :/ - any chance I could have a more step by step guide?

    ... this is the page

    Extremely thankful

  • Hi Chris,

    did you put the portfolio items (images) in categories

    what shortcode did you insert in the page.

    Best regards,
  • Works for me now. Thanks.
    Are there any more options available for slideshow? Like for auto-advancing the images?
    I couldn't find anything in the documentation about the parameters.
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