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Nivo Slider Issue with mixed slides
  • Hi! I'm using Striking 5.1.5. Here is the site
    Each gallery section (Engagement, Portraits, Weddings, Lifestyle) has its own Nivo slider. Engagement page slider supposed to play engagement category of sliders. Portraits page plays portraits category of sliders. I mean each page has its own category of slides to play.

    For some reason, Nivo slider mixes slides from different categories and also dublicate slides, so on the one page Nivo slider can play one slide two times. I've checked each slide, if it contains additional category. However, nothing helps. It is still mixing up slides. Can you please help me?
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  • Hi,Sanof3322,

    Why not use striking 5.1.7 support for the older versions is not given since there where a lot of problems with sliders in previous versions and they where fixed in 5.1.7. However i do not know if your problem was in those fixes too.

    So for the mix up of categories i have to see this once you have updated striking.

    If you need any help on this can you grant me access to the admin part of your website?

    Just send me a private email with the login details to the admin.

    Click on my name and then on the left you can send me a private email.

    Please also include a link to this thread so i know what the personal mail is about.

    Best regards,
  • OK. I've used your advise and delete all slides and associated media files. Then I loaded all slides one more time, I made sure that each file has its own unique name. It actually, fixed the problem, so I no longer have mixed slides.
  • Hi Sanof,

    Thanks for getting back to us on that. Nice work !!!

    Best regards,
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