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Gravity Forms breaks short code generator
  • Per the thread title, when I deactivate GF, the shortcode generator works fine. Otherwise, it looks like the attachment, and the insert and preview buttons don't work.


    Jan C.
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  • @iamjanco I found a better solution! Go to the gravity forms settings and make sure "No-Conflict Mode" for scripts is set to "off." This fixed it for me. You would think setting no conflict mode to "on" would do the trick, but it's quite the opposite case.
  • I'm having the same problem and the screenshot is exactly what I see also. There's a conflict of scripts happening somewhere, but I couldn't tell you where it could be. Deactivating the plugin is a temporary fix if that's worth anything.
  • @Camuti: agreed--that's the workaround I've been using to add certain items via the shortcode generator. Not elegant, but it will do for now.
  • Hi iamjanco,

    I just test with the plugin. But it didn't break the short code generator.
    Maybe your another plugin you used caused the issue?

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