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Striking 5.17 - Error with images?
  • Hi everyone,
    I've been using Striking for more than a year now and everything went fine so far... :-)

    Since I've updated the theme to version 5.1.7 I get some errors in every page that contains one or more images...
    I tried to re-download the theme form Themeforest and reinstall it, but it didn't work...

    This is the error code visible on every page with images...
    Warning: Division by zero in /home/marco91/public_html/ on line 340

    Warning: imagecreatetruecolor() [function.imagecreatetruecolor]: Invalid image dimensions in /home/marco91/public_html/ on line 1010

    Warning: imagecopyresampled(): supplied argument is not a valid Image resource in /home/marco91/public_html/ on line 285

    Warning: imagejpeg(): supplied argument is not a valid Image resource in /home/marco91/public_html/ on line 314

    The website must stay online, so I'm currently using the only version I had on my computer before the upgrade (ver. 4.0.2)... :-(

    Thank you very much for your support,
    Marco from Verona, Italy
    649 x 273 - 64K
    992 x 1130 - 274K
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  • Hi,

    Go to Striking > Advanced and turn on "Use Timthumb". I had the same problem.

  • You're welcome.

  • Awesome!

    Thank you Hudo! :-)
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