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Unable to open errors on Featured Images
  • I woke up this morning to a server permissions error on the cache folder, skin folder, and images folder. I went in and modified the permissions like your how to suggests (I put all 3 to 777). That seemed to clear the errors. Now im getting the following error on the individual posts for the featured images. I did try clearing the cache.

    Warning: imagejpeg() [function.imagejpeg]: Unable to open '/home/daycarei/public_html/mydisneyvacation/wp-content/themes/striking/cache/images/kona-cafe-628x250.jpg' for writing: Permission denied in /home/daycarei/public_html/mydisneyvacation/wp-content/themes/striking/framework/functions/common.php on line 314

    Warning: urlencode() expects parameter 1 to be string, object given in /home/daycarei/public_html/mydisneyvacation/wp-includes/formatting.php on line 2969
    Kona Cafe

    You can find it on this page.

    Any help is appreciated
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  • I did try to change the permissions of the individual files to 777, which just results in no featured image.
  • I cleared the cache and now the featured images seem to work. Looks like this was a permissions error. Not sure how my stuff got changed. Does anyone know if now that I fixed the folders, if this will still happen?
  • Hi,

    i think this happens because of the timthumb option which can be switched off now in this version of striking....

    You could have read about this problem here ..

    the solution was just clearing the cache to get things to work again.

    Anyway you found it, so the problem is solved.

    Best regards,

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