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Anything Slider with HTML-only slides not working correctly
  • I am using Striking 5.1.7 with WP 3.3.1 and have a problem with the Anything Slider (used as shortcode on a site). Basically I have a few HTML divs that I'd like to display. However, if my slideshow consists of ONLY HTML slides, it won't work. I get all sorts of strange display errors, like all slides overlaying each other but not sliding etc. If, however, the first slide is a non-HTML slide (sidebar or image, doesn't matter), everything works fine.

    Secondly, the number attribute on the slider shortcode does not work correctly (at least not in the HTML-only case); it seems to be "off by 1", meaning if I have two slides and set it to "2", only the first slide is rendered. If I set it to "3", both slides are shown.

    Any help in getting the slider to work with pure HTML slides would be greatly appreciated. One further note: I applied the "transparent background hack" mentioned in the forum to get the slide's background transparent, but I don't think this is the problem here.
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  • Hi,

    Maybe you can unzip the attached file to striking folder to see if it solved the problem.

  • Anything slider was not showing in Chrome after theme upgrade, but activating Combine JS in Advanced settings solved the problem.
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