12 JULY 2014 - UPDATE

1) We have just released Striking 5.3 maintenance update for those still using the "Original" Striking theme. Please see the theme release thread below for details. This update is only available by the internal update function as this theme is deprecated and no longer available for sale.

2)  Next inline in a few days is Striking MultiFlex. This update is actually "in the can" but we are working on ancillary matters. Expect it sometime in the next few days.

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  • As usual, I have a problem lol (always my fault, not the themes)

    I cleared my browser cache and my site looks different.

    I guess something happened before but I didnt notice it because of the cache, now that its gone I see it.

    On my site the header, feature area and footer sides are all white.

    Im sure you can see what I mean by checking out www.bootcamp4me.com

    I just did the upgrade with to 5.1.7... didnt solve the issue.

    Also disabling all the plugins didnt fix it.

    Maybe updating the skin.css in the theme cache?

    I dunno... any ideas?
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  • Hi Doc,

    Please turn off box layout in the striking general settings. That will solve your problem.

    Best regards,