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Button messed up when pointing to an image
  • An mysterious thing is happening to buttons (put by shortcode or any other way) - the graphic, as well as font-face disappears when the link points to an image (I do not use colorbox but HS.js). If I only erase the file extension link from the article, everything works fine. I disabled the automatic global lightbox support, but no changes noticed.
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  • Hi radeush,

    Can you take a screenshot for me? Or give me a page link of that?

  • Hello:)

    Here's the link:

    Two buttons are just below the framed box:


    [button size="medium" link=""]cennik[/button]

    [button size="medium" link="#"]cennik[/button]

    When button points nowhere (#) - everything works fine.

  • Hi radeush,

    Your code works fine on my localhost. Can you give me a login to your wordpress?
    My email is

  • Login credentials are on the email, just as sent in case of 404 page text translation problem.

    UPDATE: I noticed, that when I turn off the highslide, the button works fine.
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