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HTML5 Validation & Image Matter - FIXED IN VER 5.1.2 (almost)
  • I checked ( my site to see if it's a valid HTML5 site and it's not. So I checked and there's also a lot of errors. Missing alt attributes (mostly for image_shadow.png), bad values in rel attributes, no space between attributes (height and alt framework\shortcodes\images.php), etc. We would have to change too many files in the Striking theme to fix it and the fixes will be overwritten after an update anyway so can you do something about it?

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  • I found another thing. Sometimes WP (or Striking) inserts extra tag after the span which holds the image_shadow.png image. This causes "No p element in scope but a p end tag seen." error.


    This seems to be a visual editor feature. Possible to fix with a couple of "Delete and Enter".
  • Hi michal,

    The images shortcode issue will fixed in the next release of striking.

    Thanks for reporting this.

    You can unzip the file to striking\framework\shortcodes folder.

  • Hi Everyone:

    The tag issue to which michal referred was fixed in Ver 5.1.2. It was not noted in the changelog as the correction was just a space in a line of code. It was so trivial that we categorize it under misc fixes and don't generally note them.

    In respect of html5 validation, I attached a couple of images from some validation checks we have done. The front page for example, checks out with no errors. The Blog page checks out with one error type, occurring in 4 instances.

    In this case, it's the problem that wordpress has added the attribute "rel" to the link category and html5 needs the "rel" value to be registered, and wordpress has not yet done this.

    So this is a matter of the right hand catching up with the left hand.

    Nonetheless, we strive for clean code, and according to Themeforest, Striking passes with flying colors. Missing alt attributes are not an error, but a warning - but we shall go over these in the near future to catch any that are a potential source of concern. The next release of Striking shall have corrections to eliminate some warnings.

    Happy Striking
    Websys Team
    1 - Markup Validation of - W3C Markup Validator.jpg
    1260 x 1466 - 229K
    2 - Markup Validation of - W3C Markup Validator.jpg
    1260 x 1915 - 302K
  • Thanks for fixing this! I wonder if the image_shadow.png could be moved the background instead of being inserted using <img> tag. Obviously the alt tag for this image is (not very) important :-) It's just irritating a bit to see these validation warnings.

    The rel attribute is also being used if you want the lightbox to group images (so you can see the previous or the next one without closing the lightbox overlay). There's a possible fix to this problem:
  • Hi Michal

    Thanks for the link. We will see what we can do on both matters after we clear the current error reports for 5.1.5

  • I see the rel attribute is a problem for many people using many variations of the lightbox script with HTML5. So this is not a strictly Striking problem. Thanks!
  • I have found another incorrect rel attribute: rel="category tag". Is there any chance of getting it fixed (along with the lightbox rel issue)?
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