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Different Logos on different pages
  • Hi James
    I want to continue here discussion started on Striking comments page. The discussion was about need of users to have ability to assign different logos for different pages.

    First of all I want to quote James

    I will give some thought to the logo matter. It really is a rarely asked question.
    There are many sites which use different body backgrounds from page to page, but that background is positioned outside the header area, so this is likely why it has not come up.
    Most sites that have a header background tend to keep the background stable across all pages, and with good reason, as the header area is one of the places in a website where the brand identity is featured – > if it varies from page header to page header, then the viewer is often left with a confusing message about the brand it (that’s 30 yrs of executive level business experience talking Mike…..)

    1. About branding:

    A huge number of world-renowned companies have official logos of different colors. For example Microsoft has logos of white, blue, black and green colors. Designers of this company do not hesitate to use the logos of different colors on different pages of the same site. This does not prevent visitors unmistakably identify brand. Microsoft products are not always of good quality, but you can not deny that they are geniuses in advertising.

    The same Microsoft uses in its logos different graphics for different products (Ms Office, Windows, Servers etc) - Despite this everyone will know that this is Microsoft and not Apple.

    If some not very rich company will want to make a series of mini sites advertising different products or divisions or unwilling to change the background, and would prefer to change the color of the logo - the possibility to assign different logos to specific pages will be in great demand.

    Furthermore, considering the latest trends of web design: sticky headers, Parallax backgrounds, transparent and semi-transparent headers use of logos of different colors, sizes becomes very actual and long and widely used. (even here on TF)

    2. Why am I writing about this:

    You know that the creation of websites - it's not my earnings on a piece of bread. I'm just having fun testing capabilities of new Striking. Small advertising that change the logo for different pages is not a problem for Striking probably would not hurt sales. Here are live examples (all links will open in a new window):
    Landing page without logo
    page without regular logo
    page with different logo and menu color

    Excuse my poor English.
    Kind Regards
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  • Hi mike,

    We provided a logo solution here on the forum.

    Does that not solve your issue?

    We have a landingpage template and a full empty splashpage template. The latter will be available in the addon package.

    As for the menu coloring we have been discussing within the team aboutrewriting the colorsettings to colorschemes. This way one can set a complete color palet to a page. We are still debating on this if, when and how to implement this. If we do it will work like the slider settings in striking multiflex. So that is still on the drawingboard

    You can send us a skype id so we can explain more on extra abilities in a private chat.

    Best regards, Paul, Striking Team
  • Hi Paul,
    Thank you for your fast reply and kind advice. I used a different and I think more simple (for some users) solution to place different logos on different pages (without editing php files). Everything is possible with Multiflex :)>-
    As for menu coloring - it is also very easy with new Striking. The links in my comment above shows the final result.
    With Striking Multiflex each page can have a custom logo to override the default theme options. This allows individual branding on single pages, posts or entire areas of your site. Multiflex customers can use this feature for greater control of their products, branding and company identity by ensuring brand recognition.
    I want to apologize for the quality of the logo graphics and colors, but I want to emphasize that this site is just a sandbox where I play with the Multiflex settings and there is something added and changed every day. :-t
  • So..would you care to share how you achieved some of these looks? I for one would be interested. Thank you
  • Hi Eleanor,
    I'm not sure in which looks someone can be interested in (landing page, different logos or menu coloring..) but let's start with different logos.
    The most correct way is to use wp page conditionals (it was tested and works fine with Striking). But I'm too lazy to edit php. That's why I suggest the following:
    1. Upload transparent image holder as default logo in admin panel.
    2.Upload to media library your desired logos of the same size as image holder mentioned above.
    3.Go to page design settings of page # 1 and use the following custom css:
    #logo {background: transparent url(// no-repeat left top;}
    3.Go to page design settings of page # 2(where you want to use different logo) and use the following custom css:
    #logo {background: transparent url(// no-repeat left top;}
    That is all :)
    BTW Thank you for your advice to mute music on main page of my demo site. After I muted it I got 211 facebook likes on this page When it was playing automatically it was only 3
  • Thank you..that gives me what I need to know. I will experiment with this.
    Glad to help you too :-)
  • Now for your Menu's That would be nice to see as well
  • robertd62 said:

    Now for your Menu's That would be nice to see as well

    Hi Robert,

    As I mentioned above this site just a sandbox for demo purposes. That's why I do not very carefully wrote CSS for menu ( used not all possible features). For the beginning play with this code:

    #navigation .menu > li > a, #navigation .menu > li > a:visited {color:#710000 ! important;}

    .menu-subtitle {color: #14140b;}

    #navigation .menu > li.current_page_item > a .menu-subtitle { color: #14140b;}

    Below is code for all menu elements classes (so you can choose the element you want to change and apply different colors on page basis)

    #navigation .menu > li.current-menu-item > a .menu-subtitle,
    #navigation .menu > li.current-menu-ancestor > a .menu-subtitle,
    #navigation .menu > li.current_page_item > a .menu-subtitle,
    #navigation .menu > li.current_page_ancestor > a .menu-subtitle,
    #navigation .menu > li.current_page_parent > a .menu-subtitle,
    #navigation .menu > li.current-page-item > a .menu-subtitle,
    #navigation .menu > li.current-page-ancestor > a .menu-subtitle {
    color: #000000;

    Hope it'll help you

  • Thank you sweet.

  • Hi Mishka: I tried your code to add a different logo to a page. I placed the code for the different logo in the Custom CSS box on the page's general options. I included:

    #logo {background: transparent (logo URL) no-repeat left top;}

    I tried this but it didn't work. Can I ask if this is the code that worked on your website? Thanks.
  • try

    #logo {background: url("") no-repeat left top transparent;}

    Best regards,
    Striking Team,
  • I am closing this thread as the info in it is out of date.
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