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Layout management ideas
  • Hi Guys,

    I have been a long time user of Striking... one major limitation i think is layout control that is missing from Striking.

    Maybe theme developers are now using wysiwyg layout control as part of the theme layout.

    It just seems shortcode for layout is somewhat outdated and im seeing more and more layout being done via drag and drop editors.

    In having said this the main reason was because there is no ONE SIXTH / FOURTH SIXTH / ONE SIXTH options.... the current options are OK but not 100% flexible.

    I am in a position that i either have to stick to what you provide in shortcode format or use custom coding for layout management or install a thrird party such as Visual Composer.

    So i have a few questions.

    1. Can i achieve the above mentioned layout ?
    2. Is visual composer compatible with Striking with any immediate issues you know about ?
    3. Are you planning on integrating better layout control via a drag and drop interface ?

    Thanks and i hope you understand my dilemma.

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  • Hi Mitch,

    As far as i know the visual composer fails in striking. But i must admit i never tested this in striking multiflex. I guess though that wont be any different now.

    I must add to this that having visual design in the backend requires all frontend css, fonts and scripts available in the backend. This will cause a huge payload on the server and system working on. I dont know if that is what we want. Moreover some themes with visual design elements are not as user friendly and very complicated.

    We have been looking at some visual editor stuff lately and debated on if we should add some of these abilities. That discussion has not ended yet. We will take your suggestion into consideration.

    Best regards, Paul,
    Striking Team
  • Thanks paul for taking my suggestion into account.

    How do you think i can have better control of the layout then like in my scenario of 1/6 | 4/6 | 1/6 ?
  • Hi,

    Maybe this?

    But it could also conflct if they use the same class names. I havent tested any visual plugins on striking multiflex as i am 100% used to textmode designing. I dont recall ever been in visual mode. Even when i started on wordpress.

    I cant help you any further on this at the moment.

    Best regards, Paul, Striking Team
  • Ok Paul,

    But nevertheless at the very least i think being able to use maybe fourth_sixth options would be a slight improvement if possible that wont break anything.

  • Hi,

    4/6 = 2/3. Am i missing the issue here? I thought this was al about having visual design tools in the backend and not about math or calculus :)). Sorry i missed that.

    So 1/6 - 2/3 - 1/6 gives you that layout.

    Best regards, Paul, Striking Team
  • No the current short code cannot achieve what i want.... this is exactly what i want.




    This would give me a smaller margin on each side of the center content block
  • ahhh ok missed your last comment... sorry, thanks i will try that.
  • Hi





    Best regards,
    Striking Team,
  • Hi Mitch

    Over my dead body will we ever add a visual composer to Striking! :D

    We have drag and drop in the admin for some functions (like the Easy Slideshow Creator), but we do not regard drag and drop as "better layout control". We regard it as the opposite. A visual composer seems like a good idea at first, but they are in fact highly restrictive compared to the free space environment provided in Striking MultiFlex. We know, from our testing in the past.

    Actually, we are not dead set against a visual composer element as we do realize that some users just cannot grasp the text environment. I do believe there is one visual composer that works with Striking MultiFlex and I will do some research on which one. Take a look at the Tell Us About your Responsive Site thread as I think one or two of the users make note of the fact which one they use.

    But they really are a big step down, most especially in respect of customization and flexibility.

    The columns and layouts Striking contains provide flexibility to achieve almost any layout. The solution Paul gave you is the 1/6-4/6-1/6 you were requesting. 2/3 = 4/6.

    We are examining bringing more layouts to MultiFlex in the future, just so as to save users the trouble of engaging in such mental conversions.

    We will examine this suggestion of visual composing once we move further along the plan that exists for MultiFlex.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
  • Yeah look i understand it puts more pressure on WP itself.. BUT i cant side with you that using shortcodes to achieve layout control surpasses that of a few drag and drop editors ive used with other theme developers. Some do it good others dont do it right.

    The fact is drag and drop layout control will be the future (i believe) and its not because i want to take the shortcut... nor is it because some people dont have the experience but more so because ITS TIME SAVING. Do you realise how difficult it is to rearrange an existing layout that is coded by shortcodes ? It is a headache.... Visual Composer and the others let you rearrange an existing layout in a matter of seconds.

    Im saying this for the best interests for striking, and also because i think would want it.

    BUT maybe it should be an option, turn on or turn off ? maybe there should be compatability with a specific composer eg Visual Composer and hence if it is enabled it wont break the site.

    Anyway.. my 2 cents :)
  • I will dig up the composer that works with Striking MultiFlex, and if we don't find one then we will see what we can do to jive our js with all the js a composer outputs, so that one works. It won't be tomorrow, but we will put it on our internal work list.

    I don't agree with you, but that is the lovely thing about opinions, everyone has one and on matters such as this, no one is wrong.......

    And you could be correct that it may be the way of the future. We are aware of that.

    I don't know that Kaptinlin will add it directly to Striking, but some of us have been working on a Striking Addon Module for sale separately, and it is something that I will examine for the module.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
  • Thanks james .... at least i got to voice my opinions to which you gracefully listened to. Thanks and ill be looking forward to a bright future for striking.. cheers.
  • Hi Menkom,

    Websys said:

    "Over my dead body will we ever add a visual composer to Striking! "

    That will be one support team member less if and once we do add such ability. Nothing to be proud of i guess :)) :))

    Best regards,
  • I've tested VC with Striking on my site. No issues at all. Fully compatible. The site is here
    James, do not rush with hasty actions. You are very dear to us and necessary to us =((
  • LOL..... well i guess it works... ill test it out anyway see what happens.. can run a few page speed tests and see if there is any lag due ot the overheads....
  • I have started looking at scripts...... I am barely alive......
  • Websys... dont stress yourself out mate, whenever your ready.... i guess just choose a 3rd party that is well supported and feature rich this way you dont have to worry to much about future development of your own wysiwyg editor.....
  • :))

    1) by our standards, there is no such thing as a well supported 3rd party script.... :D

    2) I am never, ever, ever STRESSED OUT DO YOU HEAR ME! ~X(

    LOL, I was only meaning that in compromising to look at visual editor scripts it was killing me slowly.

    I doubt we would ever build it directly into MultiFlex, but I am scouting around to see what I think, and what potential avenues of implementation might be.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
17 Mar 2018.

We experienced some issues in late Feb / Early March with our functions which provide you a notification in your dashboard of an available theme update. This has now been fixed.

If you are already using MultiFlex Ver 1.2.9 then you are using the latest them version thus no notification will show. Otherwise you should go to your Update settings in the theme and click on the button to check for updates.

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