1)   Please update to WP 3.9.2 asap as it deals with some security matters.  All Striking sites using MultiFlex 1.0.3+ or Striking 5.3 can be updated to WP 3.9.2. immediately.  We have tested the latest beta of WP 3.4 with our forthcoming Striking MultiFlex Ver 1.1 and they appear to be fine with each other.

2)   In respect of Striking MultiFlex 1.1. Our build is complete however we are holding for the Rev Slider Team to address some bugs in their current build.  Once they have finished their bug corrections we can formally release.

3)  We anticipate releasing Striking 5.3.1 today.  It will only available by the internal update function as this theme is deprecated and no longer available for sale.

James on behalf of the Striking Team
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Condensed Demo Content Files! - Also Video Tutorial published.
  • Update 19 Feb 2014 - A video tutorial on the One Touch Install has been added to the Video tutorial page:



    Hi Striking Universe!

    Please go to this link:


    where you will find a condensed demo content package which you can download. The page contains detailed instructions for using the package either by way of the one touch installer in the theme, or installing an xml file via the WP Importer function.

    The package is slimmed down by about 30% from the demo file that is currently within MultiFlex. We hope that users who were butting against low server side resources for uploads and simultaneous processing will be able to install this package.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team