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Tutorial : The Revolution Slider and our Support, plus tips, settings, etc.
  • Hi Striking Users!

    This thread is for all things related to the Revolution Slider, which is integrated as a plugin into Striking MultiFlex.

    In this thread, we will discuss tips, warnings, general usage, etc.


    We wish to make it very clear about what we support for this plugin, and what falls outside of our free support policy.

    a) We support queries where the issue is related to the integration of the plugin into Striking, and its activation.

    The first comment below is about a warning some users see upon updating from Striking Responsive Beta to Striking MultiFlex. It is not an "error" but in fact a prompt from the plugin indicating that in the newest version (the version in Striking Responsive Beta dd Nov 15 is different) one has to decide upon whether to enable plugin related scripts globally or per page.

    b) we do not support "Usage" of the plugin.

    So if you are playing around with layers, cannot get your fonts, or colors or images or something else to look the way you wish, then you need to head over to the plugin homepage at Codecanyon, and request some assistance. We will support you on a paid basis, but any usage of this plugin is all customization, and outside of the boundaries of free support.

    Please read the support policy we have embedded in the help tabs, and documentation. We clearly indicate that all plugin related matters are paid support. Furthermore, we also indicate that all matters regarding creating content are paid support.

    We welcome discussion on this matter, but we are seeing many threads about how to use this plugin. The rev slider plugin is a complicated slider, and a user is advised to watch all the tutorial videos produced by the plugin team. Creating slides in this slider can be a long involved process, and in all facets, once working within the slider itself, is not at all related to MultiFlex core usage.

    We thank you for understanding on this matter.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team

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  • Hi Striking Owners!

    When you will be hopping over to the new Striking MultiFlex you may see that you get a warning from the Rev plugin when you are trying to use it in any page or your page has
    one of the following appearing where you thought your Rev Slider would be showing:

    1) Javascript error

    ReferenceError: Can't find variable: revslider_showDoubleJqueryError

    2) Warning message

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    This is not a "bug" or an "error" but actually a prompt from the plugin to make a decision about the plugin scripting in your website. MultiFlex has turned off the global loading of the revolution slider scripts by default throughout the whole theme since there are now 2 options in the plugin itself for the loading of script libraries:

    1) You either enable it globally in the revslider settings in which case the plugin script will load in every page irrespective of whether the plugin is active on the page or not.
    2) You enable the plugin scripts on a page by page basis in the revslider settings.

    Both options are located in the revolution slider Global Settings (see image below). If only using the revslider only on 1 or 2 pages the 2nd option is suggested:

    Note : this applies to :

    1. the slider you load into the featured header by use of the striking page options
    2. the slider loaded by shortcode into the featured header custom text area
    3. the slider loaded by a custom (f.e. a full page slider) template by the use of the php script as the revslider suggests. example :

      <?php putRevSlider( "alias" ) ?> example: <?php putRevSlider("Full-Page-Slider") ?>

    So basicly what it comes down to: If you have the loading of the revslider scripts turned off globally then the moment you see the above error message or you don't see a revslider appearing when you are using the shortcode in the featured header custom text area then this is how to solve it (step 1 or step 2).

    However If you insert a revslider shortcode into the page content the scripts will load automatically in that page.

    Install a plugin like "wp reveal id's" or "wp show id's" to get the id's of the pages or while in the page list hover over the page titles and wordpress will show you the id in the bottom left of your browser window.

    Although wp show id's has not been updated for two years it works just fine. Installing such a plugin will list the page or post id in the page or post listing in the admin backend on the right side of that list.

    The Revolution Slider settings can be adjusted here.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    ************************* The Shortcoded Revslider **************************

    When you are using the shortcoded slider revolution in the featured header custom text-area because you want to use the shadow settings of the slider and you want to stick the slider to the header bottom you need some additional custom css in the striking page options custom css field of that page !! to remove the top padding in the featured header area and enlarge the bottom of that area because of the shadow.

    .feature-introduce {
    padding: 0 0 25px 0;

    #feature .inner {

    .has-gradient #page:before,
    #feature .bottom_shadow,
    #feature .top_shadow {display:none;}

    adjust the 25px to what you believe is correct as it depends on the slider shadow type used in the reslider.

    It speaks for itself that to have the slider break out the #feature inner container you need to set it to force full width in the slider settings of that slider. Otherwise the slider will stay in the inner container.

    Or you set the inner to 100% by custom css and add that also to the custom css field of that page only.

    #feature .inner {

    You will also notice that the shortcoded revslider might crop your images in the slides when they are set to the background. The solution is to not insert the images like backgrounds into the slider item but as layer image. (see image below)


    Best regards,
    Striking Team,

    Most of the issues we are seeing on the forum relate to users not knowing how to work with layers, and other similar matters.

    This is a complex html product to work with. All of its "usage" falls into customization as one is working in html environment, and with layers. However, the Rev Slider people have posted many How To Videos on their plugin homepage:

    which we recommend you view for some lessons on how to use this plugin. We see frequent questions about some css not working, position of elements in layers, etc and it always comes down to incorrect html. That is "design" folks and is not for free!! You are welcome to post in the forum of course, but no response will be forthcoming from us for such matters.

    There are occassions of course where one may encounter an error with the plugin. When we see a thread where it is a plugin error, we have spoken with the Rev Team, and the agreed upon process is that we have to post the error to them to diagnose. You are not to do so, and your posting on their home thread or forum will be ignored by them. We know their code reasonably well, and can often actually give them the solution (which we have done many times), or at least point them in the right direction and await their confirmation.

    In any such instance, be prepared for a 3-5 day turnaround at a minimum.

    There is also a third potential category, a theme integration error. We have code in MultiFlex where we parse the plugin abilities to our theme. An example of this is the ability to select the 2 fields where one can select the Rev Slider, and the Revolution Slideshows, in the Page General Options Metabox/Feature Header Settings (last 2 settings in this tab).

    If upon reading your thread we diagnose that it is an integration error, then we will of course fix it for the next build, and if possible, post a temp solution. At this time there are no integration errors.


    1) Use of the slider - all usage is paid support as it falls into customization.

    2) Plugin Error - we will contact the Rev slider team after confirming to you it is a plugin error, and await their solution.

    3) Theme integration error - we will address this ourselves.

    I hope this clarifies matters for users. All posts on the forum should be classified under Striking MultiFlex - Plugins. If they are misclassified you run the risk the thread will just be deleted outright.

    Thank you for your attention and understanding in this matter.

    Best Regards
    Striking Team
  • Hi

    There is a thing you should know about why the revslider loads inline css in the head section of a page. It carried either over from a early version of the revslider plugin or you created dynamic css in the revslider caption settings. But they not neccessary anymore. When you update the theme by ftp it will never get removed.

    It works this way. The revslider loads the inline css because there is dynamic or static css file or settings.

    It is actually no bug or issue at all. Its good coding from the rev team to have it work and people dont loose there styling because of a update to a new version, or because you dont want to write css code per website over and over again.

    If your revslider is injecting the custom css into the head of your website like this

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Apply the fix below:

    Goto the /wp-content/themes/striking_r/framework/plugins/revslider/rs-plugin/css/ folder by ftp and rename or delete this file called dynamic-captions.css or static-captions.css. If it still does inject inline css goto a slider item and click on the edit global style button and remove the dynamic and static styles.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Now it will load the css the correct way and only add the css used into the head and load the css dynamically you need to

    Best regards,
    Striking Team,
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