20 NOV 2014 - WP 4.0.1 AUTO UPDATE = OH NOooooo!!

1) The WP 4.0.1 update, which auto installs on many user sites (unless you were smart enough to not trust WP and not allow such auto updates) has broken some shortcodes such as the Process Steps Shortcode.

WordPress is now auto- texturizing inline styling in some shortcodes :

<i class=icon-pencil style="color:#2ac4ea"></i>
<i class="icon-”pencil”" style="color:”#2ac4ea”"></i>

Notice that WordPress unnecessarily added extra quotes into the shortcode string rendering it unreadable.

WordPress also is impacting complex shortcode strings where shortcodes are multilevel. For Example in wp 4.0 this worked fine if only the tabs shortcode was registered

[tab title="the title" icon="home"]

But in wp 4.01 this fails as when the subcode ([tab title="the title" icon="home"]) which is part of [tabs] is not registered as a "legal" shortcode itself. The parent shortcode called "Tabs" can access the [tab] shortcode but gets a different (texturized) array back when reading the code within its container holding the shortcode. All the strings that are parsed have a different format causing it subsequently to fail from working. This means that encapsulated (complex) shortcodes now needs to be registered even for the shortcodes within the shortcode holder.

So all our container shortcodes like, carousel, tabs, accordion, process steps etc. are affected by this update.

BTW, we are aware of no valid security reason for this change, and in our opinion a change like this should have had plenty of lead time and be part of a major update, not an "on the fly" security update which many users will have not disabled.

It is not necessary to make further reports about shortcodes not functioning if your site auto-updated to wp 4.0.1. We are working on updating our new MultiFlex build 1.2 and anticipate it's availability with the changes to accommodate WP 4.0.1 likely in the Sunday/Monday timeframe.

2) We are starting to roll out some paid design services per requests from users.   Please visit UPDATE SERVICES to view the first service group we have put in place which are for those who would like someone else to handle updates.  Please review them and see if any might be beneficial for you.  Of special note, if you are still using the Striking Original theme because you have been reluctant to update due to your knowledge base, now we can implement the update for you on a guaranteed results basis.

More services for Site Optimization, Site Tuning, Security, and Design shall be rolled out in the forthcoming days.

3) Rev Slider Plugin Security Vulnerability - Old News!  Its starting to filter out onto the net that a long time ago the Rev Slider Plugin had a security vulnerability.  This was patched and included in all the MultiFlex 1.0.2 betas and the eventual 1.0.2 official release throughout March 2014.  So any theme version 1.0.2 or later in which the Rev Slider plugin is active is secure.  We are always preaching update, update, update, so if you have not updated to a more current version of the theme, what are you waiting for?

As long as you have updated your MultiFlex site, and not been ignoring those update notices in your theme dashboard for the last 7 months, you are long since covered.  We can't imagine anyone is still running the test theme Striking Responsive from 2013, but if you are you should update to the latest MultiFlex version although not all the "striking Responsive" theme betas included a version of the rev slider that was vulnerable.

4)  Striking 5.3.1 (aka Striking Original theme) for users continuing to use the non-responsive framework was released on August 24, 2014..  It will only available by the internal update function as this theme is deprecated and no longer available for sale. If you are still using the Striking Original theme the update notice should now be showing in your site and you should update at your convenience.

James on behalf of the Striking Team
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